Saturday, April 5, 2014

A funny little thing about life... goes on.

Surprisingly, so does my blog (even though I haven't LITERALLY posted in over a year). My apologies...I got a new computer (finally) and I intend to do better.

So let's recap on what you've missed (just a list):

1. We shot the teaser for Spikes...more to say on that in a later post.

2. It's been a BRUTAL winter:

3. "Full Circle" A film I had the privilege of being in was accepted and has won several awards at I walked the red carpet for the first time...twice.

4. Tour started again...I must admit it wasn't as much fun as last year...perhaps because I knew what to expect and REALLY want to be on set shooting all day...either way, it led me to Los Angeles.

5. Thoughts on LA...I've never thought of moving there more than I have these past couple of months...especially because of #2 above...this winter blowed and I'm just thinking why not chase my dream with beautiful weather in the background? Maybe sooner than later is all I'm saying.

6. The bestie passed the bar/moved to NY/got a fantastic job.

7. Baby sis moved to DC...

8. Essence Fest was INCREDIBLE...

9. I went to Europe...and fell in LOVE with Paris and Milan...clearly I'm just a city girl.

10. Life has been good to me.

11. My niece turned One...and then she turned Two:

Miss AJ's Royal One Birthday Party
Miss AJ's 2nd Birthday...swag so official

She has us all wrapped around her fingers

Sisters by blood, friends by Choice



Daddy and his girls...

Daddy and his girls...

 And then I had a birthday dinner in Atlanta with Friends and Family that have known me since I was 4 years old:

TwentyFINE Birthday Girl



Daddy's Girl

20 Year Friendship

My road dog Robbie
My favorite directHER

Mommy :)


Miss Jada
Big Sis Rhonda

Sis Vonda

Mama Gen

The Ackeys
Group Shot

Sis Bonner

My Leafi
She made me stand  like this :)

My amazing server for the night...Mary Mac's is THE BOMB

Look who I ran into! The lovely model Quanetia Johnson
Strong Friendships
My daddy's birthday surprise...ya'll have NO IDEA
Great friends are hard to come by...and yet they're in my life :)

Jewel..Skyclub Life first friend in NY
I save ALL my cards...ever
Next Stop: Pranna NYC

Bathroom Selfie

My lovely Sissy

Inspiring Friendships





Kenya On Location :)

Lael...West GA phenoms


...when the dj plays a down south set


the fellas...

And then I went to Puerto Rico:



El San Juan

Something about the water that makes me feel at home


Of COURSE I would find one of these in PR...the line was INSANE light-skinned girls tan :(

Ziplining like a BAWSE


Our guide...we were his favorites I'm sure.

Peep the photographer

March has always been one of my favorite months...but this year just took it over the top! I can't wait to see what's in store for next year. I honestly feel so loved, so supported and genuinely happy...every call, every text, all my cards, every FB message, and IG post made me feel incredible...thank you for loving me and going on this journey with me, I only hope to leave you proud and inspired.

Go get it! I plan to.

Photog: Kia Nichole Harris