Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Reel Deal..

I could go all day with these rhyming words for reel..perhaps I'll took me awhile and it's not perfect and I'm a little nervous that everyone is gonna be like ew...go home and sit down...but I face my fears cuz I'm a champ! (Ha...that's so not genuine) I face my fears honestly because I usually just take a deep breath and're not going to die if you do this and then I usually do it. So I'm not a real dare-devil, not really a lion...just a girl that has a dream, and moved really far away that can't give up!

Onward and upward friends!! I hope you like it...took me long enough...a year and a half to complete. (Not really but I was procrastinating) that daggum fear is gonna drive me batty!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Reels for Real-Well Kinda

So...I'm all about empowering women, stretching yourself, etc.

And I found out what I can do if I REALLY put my mind to something...create my reel...I'm still not finished...and this is my first one (for hosting) but they'll get better and longer, better projects, etc (as actors-well I can only speak for myself-we sometimes think we're not good enough where we are) so we procrastinate putting stuff together and out there. I put things off (my reel, getting postcards, submissions, the list goes on forever) because sometimes I feel like I'm so inexperienced and haven't done anything/enough to warrant any attention (I said this to my mom and she QUICKLY put it all into perspective-btw...she's awesome and her birthday was Monday-special birthday shout-out)

I decided not to go that route anymore (plus a little inspiration from my agent) and I'm just gonna go for it.

Trying to keep them under a minute...and really specific...this one is about food...kinda.

You've seen all this footage before so if you don't wanna watch I COMPLETELY understand.

BUT...I'm really proud of what I committed to do and I will pat myself on the back. :)

The first of many...I'll see.

Here's the second one I've "done" I didn't really do anything but add my contact info and a picture...Emiliano Styles over at did all the editing...and I'm sure you've seen it before...but for my casting director friends that haven't...this one's for you!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh Nicki-Have We Met?

Nicki Minaj - Fly ft. Rihanna

I don't know how....but she managed to say in a song (with the help of Rihanna) some of the things I think and I feel and the drive that I have. I came all this way...left my family, friends, relationships, jobs, and everything I know...TO FLY!!! I'm not leaving until I do just that!

I feel this song in my gut. I hope that's not too vulgar. But I listen to it everyday...legit...everyday.

Parental Disclaimer...Nicki says MF'r once...please excuse her, I think she may have been angry! The album is really's about women empowerment (at least that's how I feel when I listen to it) she's a #dreamchaser too

My little sister and I are going to learn all the words to this song...I may post the video later! Ha!

This Little Dream of Mine

Ok guys and dolls...straight from my heart, thru my fingers, to your eyes, and then ur mind, and hopefully your soul.

My life over the past few weeks (I think it's only been two since I posted last-right?) I'm trying to do better and be more consistent...alas...I say that all the time and I'm spacey-I get it.

Anywho. So, I've been busy. Some would say running around like a chicken with my head cut off (usually I'm the one saying that about myself) but I feel good. Let me tell you why. Cuz I'm truly living my dream.

No, not in the lavish, always booking, networking, multi-million dollar deal making life that I aspire to have BUT-this past week/week and a half...I truly experienced what it's like to be a working actor. And it's not glamorous, and it's hard and it's long hours and it's frustrating at times, and I love it. I don't want to do anything else (and believe me-sistergirl has had her share of jobs in my lifetime-so I know what I'm saying).

I ran to auditions (in the snow and ice and rain) left an audition to go to another audition to come back to it later. Had like 2 callbacks (which is a very good thing) went out of town...which let me tell you...this is when it hit me that I was living my dream.

By now you know that I'm a huge dreamer and believer that I (you) can have the life I've (you've) always dreamed of. And I stick to that wholeheartedly. BUT I had some perspective when I was about to complain when my flight was delayed this week. I'm lugging around this big ole suitcase in the dreary weather (no need to sugar-coat honey-it's dreadful) and started thinking to myself how tired I was and how airports are now like the worst place in the world and all this negative stuff (eh-it happens, sometimes I'm a Debbie Downer too) when a thought occurred to me. Wasn't spooky, wasn't psycho in anyway..just a thought. Is this what you want? Can you spend your life doing this?

And I looked down at my shoulders about to fall off and my soggy boots and emphatically thought to myself OF COURSE!!! I spent the time going down there working on my script for a new play I'm in...submitted while I was away...lined up auditions for when I got back...did some brain-storming for a project that I want to start working on soon..saw the best of friends and some of the most genuine people God ever put on this planet, pretty much jet-set across the country for a quick getaway and I still get to do what I love.

That's it. That's my life. That's the one I keep talking about. It wasn't on the scale that I want it yet (trips to villas off the coast of Spain and having an assistant or SOMEBODY ELSE carry my heavy bags for me) but the life I aim to have is the life I have now. And I almost missed that moment with my complaining. God gave me a glimpse of his true power and the love he has for me. I think sometimes we focus on what we DON'T have (a big burly man to do all the heavy lifting) or what we ASPIRE to have (that one's for me) so much that we miss out on the true blessings in life that we DO have. Ouch...I'm so guilty of that one. Yes I believe and yes it will happen (soon I might add) but I must take the time to be thankful for what I have now...and what I'm doing now.

I shot a student film last night. Had some pretty rock-star auditions this week...even if I don't book them (which I REALLY want to) I know I did a great job and the casting people will have to see that. Got private coaching from an acting teacher. Bought groceries (if you haven't had food in ur house in awhile then u KNOW the blessing that this is) and continue to be able to live the life I've always dreamed of...the one I have now.

So...forgive me for almost (I didn't really) wanting to complain. Because I am doing what it is that I came to NYC to do. And I feel good about that plan. I'm DEFINITELY not where I want to be yet and still have A LOT to accomplish...but I'm taking a moment...smelling my pink roses (and daisies) and patting myself on the back.

Good job Lenore...dreams do come true. (and u live urs everyday)

That's all BUT check out my best friend's blog on her travels in India PLUS a #worldchanger

I'm super proud of her but in my selfish way I want her back...Asia, I know you're having a great time in India... but it's time to come back to AMERICA!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I NEED to do a post

I just haven't found the time or the words. Sorry for abandoning you guys for awhile. So hear are the recent happenings.

1. I have new (well one new and the other is old) church friends...makes it so much more fun to go to church when you know you're meeting people (aside, of course from Jesus) there.

2. Pet actor/model that will remain nameless called me the other day COMPLAINING that he just got booked on a commercial simply from his head shot and resume. For real...dude was moaning an groaning about the pay (a couple hundred at that) for a gig. I got SO heated! Nothing burns my biscuits more than ungratefulness (side-note: don't think I"m just talking about him behind his back...when he started complaining I almost grew fangs and started to hiss) My question is how are you gonna get mad that you a. didn't even have to do anything and they just liked you from ur picture
b. are working in the field in this economy
It was too much for me to handle. I will forever stay grateful...cuz I know what it's like to NOT have...

3. Off the soap box...geez these things make me preachy. The weather here SUCKS right now. Like for's so cold and slimy makes me wanna curl up and hibernate ALL WINTER LONG. I really don't enjoy leaving my house. Period. But. I try to keep telling myself all the other actresses feel the exact same way and they're not gonna show up to the audition so I'm gonna get it by default...that may be a mean way to think about it. But that's the only thing that sometimes gets me moving.

4. Acting...let's see. I've had some pretty good auditions and have two callbacks this week. That's pretty cool. Let you guys know if (when) I book. Still in rehearsal for a new show that goes up in May...did I tell ya'll that? If not, I am...I play the Bishop's youngest daughter (such a stretch I know) Booked a student film...buuutt with the crappy weather Idk when we're gonna shoot/get together cuz it's in Long Island. I mean who goes out there? Also, ha...this is funny...I got to play the role of my favorite artist about a week ago. I won't say who (cuz I really don't look like her) BUT I will say she has blonde hair and for that day so did I. Um..also I had to shoot outside in the YUCKY weather and let's just say...the diva side of her came out too.

5 (a) Things that I saw: Uh..this chick at Target on Sunday (the Lord's day no less) tried to buy $200 worth of gift cards, with get this, FAKE MONEY! Like bad fake money too. Couldn't even pass. It ripped in the cashier's hand. The cashier got so tickled that the girl was trying to pull one over on her she went screaming to all her coworkers to look at the money and feel it. Even the other customers got to feel it! I wanted to cuz I'd never seen counterfeit money before. But I mean really, the girl was saying she just went to the bank and they gave her fake money. IT LOOKED LIKE MONOPOLY MONEY! She even had one of those bank white envelopes that you get money back from! It was so sad/funny at the same time.

5 (b) did I mention the weather is AWFUL? Cuz it is...I honestly don't remember the last time I went out, just to go out. Entirely too cold. But I think I've mentioned that. But what reminded me was that I was sitting next to this lady on the train and (everyone knows I'm nosy) she was sending an email (to her bestie-I assume) and she was telling her how she was just gonna take a trip to some island off the coast of Spain I'd never heard of this weekend. She's canceling class (she's a professor) and couldn't turn down a trip cuz some friends are renting a villa. She's just really going cuz she's tired of wearing gray and black and it looking so dreary outside. I was like R U SERIOUS! That's the life I'm talking about! I think the more you know...the bigger you dream. I would love to be able to do that in the middle of February, just take off with my friends to some exotic, off the beaten path because I need a change of scenery or because I don't like the weather where ever I am. It'll happen.

6. I submitted a lot to a some peeps...I'm interning now...trying to learn about the business in as many facets as I possibly can.

7. Basically, since the last time we spoke I'm working on me. Trying to be the best me that I can possibly be. And I love Oprah. Completely random but I do...and she inspires me. When she interviews me one day I'm gonna tell her I talk about her in my blog in 2011. Speaking of Tyler Perry...idk why everyone is hating on him SOOO badly. I don't get it and I never will. I don't remember Martin or any of the other MILLIONS of men that have dressed up in women's clothes for a ROLE getting so much flack for it. Perhaps it's because he's making so much money...idk. Keep working TP and somebody give him my number (don't think I'm kidding cuz I'm not).

I was just about to close out and do the benediction...but I remembered. I wasn't trying to glorify that lady's life that's traipsing across Spain this weekend...cuz further in her email (I'm such a busy-body) she (and I would like to point out that this lady was about 40 years old-maybe not but she had old hands) went on to tell her bestie how Paul (her ex-boo) is now dating some chick that's Pamela's friend. And she said, "I'm not totally freaking out but it does bother me a bit" UGH!

(ps most of the things in parenthesis I made up or better still...used my imagination)

REALLY LADY! I'ma need you to gone head and get over Paul...what does that tell us young women? That the same issues we have with the guys now are THE SAME issues we're gonna have well in to our late 50s? I can't. I simply can't be bothered. Go on your trip and get as far away from Paul as you possibly can. That really irked me.

Anywho...this post is waaaaay too long and you've probably stopped reading by now...but these are my rambles and this is my life...please don't judge :) If you do...I don't care. Just keep it to yourself.

But I'm healing...I could tell that the other day. My heart doesn't hurt as bad as's been a slow process but I can feel myself coming out on the other side.

Oh, I have a pretty big callback tomorrow...say a little prayer for me that I #BOOKIT