Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter, Happy 4th of July, I hope you like my happy birthday bean pie

This post may get a little long, but I'm hoping it won't. I should probably do bullet points then and maybe I won't write as long.

1. I went was pretty cool. It was like 80's or something...u know that's my favorite decade.

2. It was actor Jarret Janako and Shakyra Lashae's birthdays this past week and they partied right, glad I could show my support.

3. Happy was amazing! I went and saw my LOVE Kevin Hart. He was funny...shouts out to Gene, thanks again! Kev made me a little sad tho...cuz although he's hilarious, he was talking about subjects that you can tell are kinda painful (guess that's why it's the "Laugh At My Pain" tour) so it was slightly bitter sweet...AND everyone there was on a date and I wasn't so I was like ugh! AND it was raining...perfect date weather but whatever. I still left the theater saying, "Alright, alright, alright" :)

4. A very special shout out to my lovely parents as they celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary on Easter Sunday as well...ain't love grand :) (they're probably going to yell at me for putting up this picture but I love it!) It's actually the background for my computer.

5. I've been pretty busy lately. That's a good thing...a little crazy/hectic at times BUT I will not complain. I promise. Sometimes I do wonder if I'm just being busy to be busy or am I actually going somewhere. I prefer to believe the latter but sometimes I just don't know.

6. I wrote and shot my very first short on Monday. I was pretty exciting to see my words come to life in front of my eyes...I was like, "Oh I wrote that? Cool" Hopefully I will go into the editing (ick) room soon to finish it. Special shout outs go to actor Sydnee Skye with his fly self for pretty much saving the whole shoot. Thanks again buddy...u are, as they say, amazing.

7. Unprofessional people irk me.

8. I've come to the conclusion that a lot of people say that they want to be successful/famous/in charge/important/whatever it is they say, but they don't want to put in the effort to get it done nor work hard to make it happen. (no need to read between the lines...see #7)

9. I've started a new newsletter! Join now to be added to the list! You can do one of a few different things:
1. Visit my website and enter your information that way.
2. Send me and email to to be automatically entered.
3. Join my fan page and put in your info there.

10. I'm finally ordering comp cards (I know, I know- stop being a slacker Lenore) but they should be ready this week. (pats self on back) Did I tell you guys I finally ordered my post cards? Well I did, they're great, I haven't sent them to anyone yet tho (get it together Lenore) I'm a really good self promoter tho..
.I am, don't judge me :) These aren't the ones I've ordered but you get the picture.

11. Model Diamandi Devereaux and I recorded a video blog for you guys...I hope you enjoy, it was fun!

12. I CUT ALL MY HAIR OFF!! Sike, I'm lying. I just sometimes say that to my mother and she freaks out. But I cut bangs...I think it gives me a different kinda look, let me know what you think.

But just when I think I'm being creative my 'twin' older sister has the exact same bangs so I'm not actually the first one. Whatever.

Aisha, me, and Sydnee at Leafi's basketball game ;0

13. Also, guys hold me to it. I must go visit LA this summer. It's been on the to-do list but I haven't done it yet.

14. I'm back in the gym just finding it hard to actually find the time to go (stop being a slacker Lenore)

15. I'm still in rehearsal for my shows...such is life.

16. I'm supposed to start shooting a new film soon..details to follow.

17. Gearing up for what has been labeled the BEST SUMMER EVER..I hope to keep you up to date with posts..but you know how I can get. Don't judge my life.

18. Ugh...not gonna say which show it was, but I auditioned for a role on one of my FAVORITE shows in the whole world and just watched the episode last week with the girl who got the role. Not gonna be a hater, cuz she did her job well, it just stings cuz I wanted it soooo bad! How do you deal with someone getting a role over you? Clearly I have to learn how to handle that better...this time around I didn't do so well. Jesus take the wheel.

19. April 9th was Joy's birthday...wanted to say I love you girl, you'll never be forgotten. I had a really good rehearsal that Saturday cuz I wanted to make you proud.

20. Did I tell ya'll that I walked in my first NYC fashion show? I haven't done runway in's some backstage photos. Gonna try and scrounge up some pix from the actual show.
Diamandi and I are told we look alike ALL the time!

Me, D, and model Shana Edme in our first looks for the day :)

20.5 I JUST FOUND OUT A WAY TO UPLOAD MORE THAN ONE PICTURE AT A TIME!!! UGH! I'm done now. Good night, I can't play this game anymore.

Until next time, send me a message, comment, whatever! I write back, don't be scared :)


Monday, April 11, 2011

A Birthday Blog

Hey guys...I had a pretty radical experience at church yesterday and I wanted to share. I went to Brooklyn Tabernacle for the first time and they had a special guest Anthony Evans (you know how I get when I fall in love with someone's talent-I blast it to the world) This video doesn't do him justice, cuz he's just amazing live...but this song really struck a cord with me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Ok...and for my birthday post (I's been forever since I've posted) But my actual birthday was on March 26th and I turned a whopping 145 years old. I had a really great birthday surprisingly. I felt so loved and so special and want to thank all the fabulous friends that came to my brunch. There were laughs, and tears, and songs, and hugs for all. Thank you a thousand times over for sharing my day with me. I will never forget it as long as I live. Mike, Jamee, Danielle, Leafi, Asia, Jarret, Robin, Faith, Jesse, Lael, Chrystal, Kenya, Royale, Erin, Ty, Kelechi, and Shakyra, you all mean the world to me, thank you so much for coming. Thanks Natalya for the inspiration to celebrate my bday. Of course there are more pix from the day but here's just a teaser :)

Of course I was running late and wasn't ready when it was time to go.

"Can't nobody say nothing to you if you're late for your own party and you're wearing red bottoms. But you are not, so let's go." -Jarret Janako

My homie Jarret Janako...always makes me feel like I'm super famous already. Keep you eye on this one...ur about to see him on tv in a MAJOR way!

Yup...all the way from Boston and back in one day just for my bday...such an amazing friend!

I don't know why but I had this feeling that no one was going to show up.

Boy! Was I wrong! I love my friends :)

Yea! Sewanee's Right.

My beautiful roses from Ty...yeah..I'm working on my photography skills (sike) Royale are your hands still in my shot!

Here's the whole gang :)

If you called me, sent me a text, messaged me, tweeted me, thought about coming to my brunch, facebooked me, sent me cards, gifts or a prayer. I thank you so much for making me feel loved. I love you all right back.