Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just a few pics from the screening :)


As I sit on ATM's couch with much needed ice on my knees I am reveling in the past 72 hours.

Since I recently become unemployed I must say (and since I've decided to have a positive attitude about it) life has been a spiral of great and simply hilarious events...sometimes compounded on one another.

Case in point. last night. Phenomenal! We had the screening for the film, Pour Aimer Encore (To Love, Again) at Katwalk in the city and considering I haven't attended many screenings in my day, I thought it was perfect. Emil keeps apologizing for the technical difficulties but he proved the old saying that 'the show must go on" and it did. And I had a lot of friends there to support me and my career and the film. Eternally grateful. The film was great and everyone loved (at least that's what they said) I think it's a great project and I'm proud of it. Next screening will be in Atlanta Oct. 9th...anyone gonna go? I secretly really really wanna be there but alas I live in New York, we'll see how that goes.

What else happened? Oh so...I booked a new play...had the audition on Saturday and it was so much fun. Last time I had this much fun at an audition was....u guessed it...Pour Aimer Encore! They had to give it to me! The character fits me to a t. Didn't hurt that I was dressed for the role thanks to a fantastic stylist :)

Que mas? Um so I finally decided to branch out and find laundry in Brooklyn (I couldn't let go and trust someone else to do my eyebrows-it just took too long to find someone in the city and now that I have them I refuse to let them go-sorry just one of my things) anywho so apparently I feel the need to run around like a crazy person in New York City, even tho I'm what? Unemployed. Crazy I know, still haven't found how to put my superwoman cape away. So I decided to do laundry and that proved to be a HUGE feat.

BUT...safe to say that Brooklyn lets me do my laundry cheaper than Wash Heights. And I was excited to pay less AND have clean clothes. But that's not the point of this story. A week ago, JACM berates me about not having ice trays. ICE TRAYS! I say to him calmly, I am learning the things that I need vs things that I want: Need: A Broom, Need: Box Spring, Need: Mop, Need: Toilet Bowl Cleaner; Want: Ice Trays, Want: New Bedding, Want: Shelves, Want: Bathroom Container for toiletries-see the difference.

Whatever so he was like you need em u need em what happens if you bust ur knee open and need to ice them? I said, I'm not gonna bust my knees open thank you very much, I'll be fine.

Sufficed to say I did NOT bust my knees open but UGH! So I'm walking with my shopping cart full of newly washed clothes from the newly found laundromat in Brooklyn and the front wheel breaks and in case you know anything about forward motion...I keep pushing and me and the cart flip over. So I'm sprawled all over the street (ALONG with my newly washed clothes from the newly found laundromat) and here I am with bruised and sore knees. UGH! Thanks a lot JACM...next time keep ur comments to yourself.

Aside from the knees and the icing. Life is great! Money comes to me and bills get paid...idk how but things just work out for me (u know what that means-God favors me and he pays my bills cuz he loves me the most) I enjoy the library, I use the internet there, I haven't broken down and gotten it in the phonebooth, I mentioned that yes? I think I'll turn into a very unproductive person if I do that...but perhaps it'll make me more productive...haven't figured that out yet.

Anyway, I feel like I submit more, get called in more, and book more now that I'm finally a full-time actress and that is a feeling unlike any other. This is my purpose I just know it! TV show...end of the year...believe with me ok?

But I'm feeling really thankful, really optimistic and very excited about the coming week (I get to see the fam-it's been too long)

Sooo...until our next encounter, I'm off to Sunday dinner (yes on a Tuesday)


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Will Smith segment on Tavis Smiley

Eye of the Tiger: Go Get em Lenore

I shouldn't...but feel like Blah

So it's been awhile since I've posted anything....I know, it's like I just started, I should be writing things. But whenever I have the inspiration, I don't seem to have the time and when I have the time, I forgot the inspiration.

Anywho, few quick things...yesterday I shot my first real commercial. Well I use the term 'real' loosely but it was paid (barely) and there was a director and a crew and a cool cast. The home that we shot in was sick tho, just sick. But anyway, I realized then the importance of having 1 set leader calling all the shots. IDK what my future holds but if ever called to be the leader, the best way to be is very clear about expectations and the only one in charge. If not, it confuses and sucks for the other people. But I'm trying not to have a bad attitude about yesterday or saying negative (remember me trying to stay positive) so I choose not to say anything. Hopefully I can post something from it soon. I know everyone wants to talk about the shoot and how it went and wanna know the details of the day but it just puts me back in my angry upset place. So I've made the choice not talk about it anymore.

Silver lining of the day: made some new actor friends. They were awesome. Fun to hang with.

OHHH also my film is screening on Monday! That's a happy thought.

"Pour Aimer, Encore" will screen 8/30/10 peep the trailer here ->http://vimeo.com/11516645 & RSVP here -> http://bit.ly/cl4IWU

And here's the link to big brother Joe Land's write-up about the film:


I just copied that from the writer/director's page...cool dude. This experience has been incredible. Can't believe it's actually happening. Kinda nervous. It's a very surreal moment. Watching yourself as a character in a production. First time I saw it I think I was holding onto Emil's arm and holding my breath the whole time. Funny but true. So we'll see how Monday goes. I might pass out for lack of oxygen. There will be a lot of people there. People I know. People I invited. Crazy!

Oh and also, no...have not secured employment (full-time) still acting for food. But I really enjoy watching Trey Songz reality show on bet.com...I never really was a Trey fan until I watched it, but the way his career is going right now is the way I want mine to go. I simply admire his drive, energy and ambition. Night before last was the first night I went without sleep and still had to get up and perform the next day...it was hard as crap but I learned something about myself.
1. Coffee is magic.
2. When it's been too long without sleep I become sooo irritable and don't wanna talk to anyone.
3. That when it's something I wanna do I will sacrifice everything for it (sleep included) to get what I want done...like Diddy...my energy and creativity will fuel me. (Not forever tho...girl's gotta rest a bit)
4. That I actually kinda liked it. Made me feel like I was really doing something, sowing good seeds into my career. Made me feel good and tired all at the same time. I'd do it again (hopefully for a huge role that pays me bagillions of dollars! But I'd do it for something smaller tho.

Oh and ALSO....I'm learning new things out about myself. I think I'm becoming a writer. I'm not saying I'm that good at it yet, but I proved to myself that I could actually do it and if I keep at it, I'm sure I'll get better. But I'll tell u about that project later when it starts really coming together. I'm gonna try and find that Will Smith video that's really inspirational so u guys can see it. I think I need to listen to it again anyway...feeling a little low today but idk why.

Until next time,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Moving Men

I guess people (aka Jarrett and Jamil) think I'm playing but words are thoughts and thoughts are things...if you say the words they will come to pass!

I promised footage of the big move...

And I delivered! This is too funny! JJ is SOO LOUD! You can't really tell from the video but the whole place was silent and then he just busted out with his first sentence! Over the top! Love it tho!

"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."

So if I've ever been told my life is a movie or a sitcom...that's exactly what it is.

So I'm taking my lemons and I'm turning it into lemonade and fully pursuing acting as my full-time job! IDK how it will all work out...that's part of the magic of this place I suppose. If you would like to join me on my journey I welcome you with open arms! There's so much more to my story and so much more to be told. It would be awesome for you to experience this with me. I'm looking to land a tv show/international commercial by the end of the year!

So yesterday was my first full day as a full-timer...I had to get the internet at McDonalds because they have free wifi and my cpu battery was dying! And then the cell phone started dying to...but alas, I ended up in a place that I forgot that I truly love. The library! Free internet, plugs, and books that I can enjoy! Oh and a chair! So I could sit comfortably in the ac and not smell like french fries when I leave.

Anywho, so this acting full-time thing...I have to believe that it's supposed to happen like this...I mean really? This must be part of a HUGE master plan that I'm not aware of. Guess I'm driving on a dark highway with only my headlights on...which is cool cuz I only need to see the next 20 feet.

I need to really start being careful of the things I say and ask for...cuz apparently they ALL come to pass. I said I wanted to move to NY, I said I wanted to live in BK, I said I only wanted to be at my former job for a year...well it woulda been a year in like 2 weeks. He'll really give me the desires of my heart I suppose...I guess we (I) can't decided how he gives it to me. What's funny is that at church on Sunday, Pastor was talking about how you live life on levels and arrive/develop in stages...and sometimes we need a little push to go to the next level (and sometimes we are pushed by crisis). Well ain't that just dandy. I needed a major push to move to BK (and boy did I get it) and I suppose I needed an even bigger push to pursue my dream with everything in me (and so here begins the turning point in my life).

So I'm up everyday, looking for work like it's my full-time job, because guess what, it is, although I'm absolutely positive I don't want to work in an office, or have to dress up in like work clothes on a daily basis. I'm grateful for the job that I had and for the job(s) that I will receive. I just want to act. Full-time. On a different level. Full-time. Always working. Full-time.

I must continue to remain faithful and fully believe that God did not bring me this far to leave me. That just sounds stupid! I know that he's fully committed to my successes and not my failure (got that from church too-it's like Pastor always knows what to say) I can't ever get comfortable in where I am and what I'm doing...have to keep ever evolving, growing, pushing, being stretched, reaching, and dreaming.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Brooklyn WE go HARD

So this morning, I woke up (all alone) in my new place...my new home away from home...Brooklyn, NY. There's something a little refreshing about figuring out your new commute to work, taking a new journey to the train station and locking new doors for the very first time. Fast move eh? And truthfully, it went off without a hitch. Special shout-out to my angels: Jamil, Jarret, Marchant, and Shameka...there for the whole day :)

Also thanks to Daryl, Emil, Erik, and Alvin...timing was a little off but more than willing to lend a hand. I am forever grateful.

Woke up early to go pick up the truck/meet JB at the train stop so we could go together, met with a surprise...he brought help! MD was such an addition to the packing day...he packed the mess outta the 10' truck. Fun times at the Uhaul place..special shout-out to my customer service rep Moe who was very helpful and nice...JB video blogged the whole day so you'll see her soon.

Three of us rode effortlessly, I lied, we got kinda stopped twice. First time cuz we weren't allowed on this overpass thingy and the second time cuz YOU CAN'T DRIVE A UHAUL TRUCK ON THE WESTSIDE HWY! That was annoying. Btw Manhattan Bridge has no toll.

Anyway so we get to my place and AC is already there and waiting and the guys get to work. I mean they cleaned out my room so super fast it was quite impressive. While they were loading, I was cleaning and doing the last minute closing boxes...the joy of being a girl! No heavy lifting for this one! Which apparently was a really nice thing to do bc my ex-roomie sent me a text saying she'd never had anyone clean up behind themselves before. Pat-on-back LC!

Then. It started to rain.

Then. When we got to BK...miraculously it stopped. Like for real, not a cloud in the sky. Thanks God for that one! So the guys immediately got to work unloading the truck (fyi...uhaul only gave my 4 hours to get this whole move done before I had to bring the truck back...kinda whack cuz they said I had it for a whole day when I talked to them on the phone...so if you do it online, don't click the box for the recommended 4 hours...they tricked me) but anyway. We got the truck back at like 2:30...and there was traffic and I had to put gas in the truck.

After that it was simply feeding the crew..they were famished and then they headed out. I was super sad...super. It was too much. But SPJ was still there to help me out with unpacking things (don't think I"m finished for a minute!) I had to go get a fan tho...no central air and I was hot! Oh and also, I'm sleeping on the floor! Well not really but yeah I kinda am. So there's a really narrow and low part to get into my apt and my box spring wouldn't fit...UGH! So yeah...basically sleeping on a mattress, on a rug, on the floor. But I've been saying for like a year that I need a new mattress and I feel like this is just the time for me to get one cuz I probably would have just kept procrastinating (which I do well) and not taking care of it. Which if I really think about it I've been saying for about a year how cool it would be to move to BK and live in a house and have a backyard, etc but just never did it. No motivation/incentive to pack up (ugh...u know I hate it) and move outta my comfort zone to a place I know nothing about. (Thanks for the push God...gave me no way out eh? That's cool)

Which is fine...do what you have to to get the job done. It could be 10 times worse...ie the mattress not fitting either...THEN I woulda been screwed! But I've not had central air before (camp 105 degrees) and I've had to sleep on a mattress/the actual ground before...so I am not complaining. It's just funny! And two...I can't have a housewarming cuz uh...my bed is on the floor!

Overall tho...cool experience for the most part.

It's funny the things you find and the things you remember when you're moving...old pictures, earrings you've lost, etc. And also gives you a chance to donate/clean out your closet of the stuff you don't wear/need/raggedy/etc (sorry parents....the suits are gone) that I have been putting off for months (again...procrastinate thing I told you about) What stood out to me most tho was that this was the first move without the fam. I mean my friends that helped me yesterday are truly one of a kind special and like family..but you know what I mean...all other times...dad has been in charge. He throws all my stuff on the back of his truck with the strength of 10 men and off we go. Or my sister and brother. Never, I mean never have I had to do this without them. And honestly, it kinda made me sad. Not sad enough to move back to Ga :) but sad to know that I may have had the last time that that was going to be in my life and they were gonna be there. And I didn't even know that it was the last time. I guess I"m kinda just sentimental now and really nostalgic for home...glad I get to see the fam jam in like a month tho...it's been too long. Not to mention mentally and physically drained. This summer has really kicked my butt. Like seriously. Completely drained me. Happy news come soon :)

So I'm pretty much starting over...on Lenore (and Jesus) and it's a whole lot different this time. I can't help but remember the first time I moved from home....that was college...whole family was there...(dad and the truck, remember) and I had the university's confidence that my housing and food would be taken care of. Next Spain...again...mom and baby sis went with...had a host family waiting on me there with shelter and food...good. Next, Romega, again...dad and his burly self and the whole fam were there, had the school I was working for providing shelter and food. Moving to NY less than a year ago...had everyone there to say goodbye and fam drove up with to help out. First time for food but I was living with someone else, so I really didn't have to think about it. This time...no dad, no burls, and basically no cushion. It seems that everyone else has been responsible for everything else since forever...furnishing apartments...I remember people just buying me stuff or giving me stuff from their homes (and raiding mom and dad's home for stuff...mom was like no! dad was like sure take it we don't use it! :)

I sound like a little girl...LOL. Guess I'm just missing being taken care of. But Sis. Marion told me the other day, "God bless the child that's got his (her) own" And now it's my turn. Altho, I still asked for stuff (ie big sis) but I haven't really, really asked for much. Gonna try and hit up craigslist and see what free stuff they have...cuz my apt is kinda bare (in my defense, all the stuff I had in GA for my apt, when I moved up here I didn't need anymore cuz I was moving into an apt that was already furnished, so I gave it all way, ie lamps, tvs, couches, shelves, kitchen stuff) so yeah....basically starting over from square one. And you don't realize all the stuff you need. For instance...that little thing that cleans the toilet...what's that called? You need it but you don't realize you need it until you don't have one! Or ice trays!!!

I guess I was just taking things for granted and not counting the cost of all the things that I did/do have. And this experience is teaching me that. Forcing me to grow up in a way I didn't think I had to/even wanted to (not gonna lie...it's great having the supportive family that I have and yeah, I'm spoiled) but I consider it a blessing. I've learned that just as much as I can count on dad and the truck and my family for support, so much more can I count on my heavenly father. Cuz I'm spoiled. He hasn't let me down. He makes sure that my needs are met...most times thru my loving family and friends. It's simply character building time I suppose...and yes pardon me, I may kick and scream, but in the end I know it'll all be worth it.

I guess if I had to say one word that describes where I am it's simply that I'm thankful. I'm thankful for my new place (which isn't as small as I thought it was) I'm thankful for my moving buddies, thankful for my family and friends that cover me in prayer, and thankful for what's to come. I wait in anticipation. There must be a reason for all of this. I wonder what it is.

Just as a disclaimer: This will NOT happen to me again! That's also what I take from this experience. If the same circumstance arises again...I will be a little more ready, willing and able to face it without so much uncertainty, fear, and stress.

Pix to come :)

...not of the new place...it's still a disaster zone.