Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Faith is...

Wowsers! 2012 is almost over...and man has it flown by! So here's the latest in my world.

New York is Gross
I mean it. The other day I was attacked, yes attacked by a huge cockroach on the subway platform. I guess I've become comfortable/accustomed to seeing nasty rats in the subway but come on! A roach...that literally followed me and kept trying to crawl up my boots. It was disgusting, I looked like I was doing a praise dance my feet were moving so fast. I'm itching right now actually thinking about it. I didn't take a picture of it so don't worry.

Ari's baptism
If you follow this blog at all, you know that I'm completely obsessed with my beautiful niece, who someone commented yesterday that she was famous :) I can't help it...she's the object of my affection and she totally deserves it. Anywho, she's 6months now!! Can you believe it?!?! Time sure has been flying. She wiggles and dances and sits up and eats applesauce. Such a big girl. Below are pix of her favorite aunties and uncle.
Elie and Ari

Vying for the top auntie spot

Completely wrapped around her fingers
 In Times Like These

So this past weekend, I had the privilege of gracing the stage once again (thank goodness for not having to sing) Robin Baker's stage play "In Times Like These" the scene was "The State vs. Tiffany Miller" and I played Tiffany. I thought the scene was awesome and my scene partner Michele Woodson brought the house down with her mentally deranged interpretation of Sidra Lewis. I honestly think this scene should make the school circuit soon in an anti-cyberbullying campaign..it was that moving.

Plus, the fun part was I got to work with my NY/NJ fam again...and you know we like to party :)

I should've posted this sooner...sorry guys. Nice poster tho right?
My big sis Michele
Nick wanted to show off his badge

Getting into character...such a stretch :)
I'll always love you :)
My stage mom

@CoCampbell ended the show on a high note. Go follow him!
The lovely Ms. Diamond...don't mind the black eye, she was in character!!
Me and Gabe.
Nick and Royale on stage...FIRE!! Maybe I wasn't supposed to take this :/
New Head shots
I think I mentioned earlier that I needed to get new head shots done and ordered...well "pats self on back" done. Kind of...they've been shot, just waiting to get them back and then I'll order some :)

Oh guess what, 3 weeks ago...a month this Thursday, I took a leap of faith and started school again. I've always loved school/class/learning/a challenge and that's just what I've found. I always knew I wanted to go back to school but I didn't really want to go into anymore debt for a degree I didn't know that I wanted. So therefore, I believe God is guiding me to a screenwriting program at a very good school here in the city. It's pretty intense and a bit tough to juggle at times, but I love it and I'm anxious to see the path it leads to in the future. Plus my professor likes me and appreciates my feedback in class so that makes it all the better :)

Print Shoot
Another awesome shoot I had this past weekend was in the lovely city of Philadelphia.  I won't disclose too much, but I'll let you know when to pick up a magazine :)  The actors on set were awesome and the brand we represented was super cool. God has really blessed me with not only castings lately but bookings. Which has totally been amazing. I was kind of feeling neglected and forgotten for awhile until I decided to focus on what he has blessed me with and the things that I have accomplished. I've decided to create two piles of remembrance...one for auditions I've gone on and another for things I've actually shot. It'll be like my daily reminder (when I start to beat myself up/compare myself to others) of where I've come from and what I have actually done. Working on being more grateful and 'other-minded'. I think God will be pleased.

The entire cast
You know weddings (even fake ones) are my happy place
My date for the wedding :)
Just a country girl with a dream

Look who's moving to BK!

Braves Game
While home...I got to hang with the 'rents at a Braves game (sorry Yanks...forever I love Atlanta)

The Turner Field
All Day
Family Vacation
Labor Day has become the time of the year my lovely family and I get together and go on vacation. Big sis found a FANTASTIC house in Hilton Head, SC for us to 'abscond' (that's for you Nick) to. It was awesome. Ari loves the water, and it was nice to let my hair down for a bit. Can't wait for next year! Few pix from the getaway.

What love looks like
Auntie's Heart

Sisters by blood, friends by choice

Da Youngfellaz
Speaking of my career doing some fantastic things...the end quarter of this year has been filled with shoots and shows and fantasticness. Last night I attended the release/listening rooftop party for Da Youngfellaz...it was kinda cool. I mean...seeing my face on the big screen...hopefully the first of many more!

The Fellas....Da Youngfellaz to be more exact
Video girl...kinda

One of those moments you can't believe are real
My face was 10 feet tall
Looking like a dork watching myself on screen :)

All of us
Dear Lenore, why are you looking into the camera? SMH
Molly's wedding
So I went home recently (yes, I go home to GA a lot- don't judge me) for auditions and baby dedications, and a very good friend of mine's wedding. It was beautiful and loving and I had so much fun. Pix to follow :) You know weddings are my happy place.

But Skyline Girls get there just the same

Love these girls
Happy place

My date

Also, also, also!! I'm the newest member of the GMC Team for this season's auto show. So look out for me in your city!! I'm completely grateful and a little surprised by this new journey in my life (and ask me how this is gonna work with me going back to school I have no idea-but I'm sure it'll work out) God is completely faithful and I love him so much for this opportunity.

So basically, I'm leaning on God much more than ever and being constantly thankful for opportunities and lessons that he's presenting to me. Faith is an ever constant in my daily life...it's become who I am. 

That's all I have for now. I'll do my best to post more regularly...but let's just be real...it gets a little hectic living life COERLESSLY :)

Love you all,