Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little Miss AJ

Hi guys...

I know it's been awhile since I last added anything to my blog...but, as I'm sure you guessed it, I've been busy, Living Life Coerlessly :)

But here are some photos (as promised) from my little Princess' baby shower. Like I mentioned it was a French Countryside Theme and big sis and baby got some great gifts. Just a rundown of stuff we had/we did:

1. We played the diaper pin game...no saying "baby"

2. Mom made the hostess "French" the bread...which means we were servants.

3. Everyone got prayer magnets and was reminded to pray for Lorin, Mario and Baby T on a certain day...not sure who left home with March 20th :)

4. All the food was labeled in French. We went with breakfast foods. There was brie and croissants and biscuits and jam (Sometimes a little more country and than French)

5. Daddy made a slide show of French architecture and music that played throughout the event. He's such a team player. Very nice touch.

6. Sarah commissioned a painting that now hangs in Arianna's room which everyone left a fingerprint and signed their name. It's our little family tree.

7. Centerpieces were easy and fun. Photos of places in France that hopefully little Arianna will visit someday and fresh flowers. I think they added a nice touch.

Thanks to everyone that came, we had so much fun. Shout out to Ms. Tori for the pix, they're awesome! Joy we missed you dearly and thought about you often. It makes me sad that Arianna won't get to know how wonderful you are. Hopefully, she'll bring lots of 'Joy' to the world like you did.

Next blog I promise will have pictures of my little princess. (if I can convince her mother) Now that the shower and all the planning is over, I'm not sure what to plan next. Hopefully one of my friends (hint, hint) or other sister needs a shower planned soon! Or I can teach myself how to make baby hair bows...Arianna needs a lot of those!

Here's a quick preview of the beautiful doll baby:

Miss Arianna Joy

Little Miss AJ

All my love wrapped in her little fingers.
I couldn't resist.

PS Arianna has amazing grandparents that are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary today! So we both are wishing my parents/her grands a wonderful day! You guys are awesome and I wish to have what you have with my hubby someday :)

Lenore (I'll get back to my acting career soon)