Monday, November 14, 2011

Doing what I love...Loving what I DO!

I know it's been awhile so forgive me...I know it's long...but there are pictures :)

Spikes (reading)

At this point, everyone knows that we've written a show right? For television? For network distribution, to be green lit, etc, etc? (Just making it clear what I want) so I wanted to update you on what's going on with that far so good. I want to make a show that I'd like to see, with a diverse cast and that's not been done before.

Those that have gotten around to reading it (it's a really long script) have really enjoyed it and given me some really good feedback. We're prepping for our first reading of the script before the month is out (YIKES) I mean it's only November 14th so we have plenty of time, right? RIGHT?!?!?

But seriously, we're really focused on getting that done so we can make any edits and changes and move forward.

Speaking of moving forward...I think we're going to first pitch it to a production company since they have the capabilities/network connections that we don't have and see what they're response it. I'll keep you updated on that as it comes. First step...solid/tight script. Thoughts?

So we've locked down a location (that was fast, thanks again you're awesome) and I'm working on securing actors for it...just a reading but still, I want it to sound good! And we'll probably do a public reading soon.

Overall goal, Summer 2012...before the London 2012 Olympics. Why you ask? I'll let you know later :)

Convo w LA writer

Speaking of asking and you shall receive...I found a really great article online this past week written by a NBC correspondent, professor at USC, best-selling author, extraordinaire and I sent him an email.

Yep. Just like that.

I wanted to talk to him about what he thought about the project and if a certain organization would be interested in learning more about it, etc. And he readily answered all my questions and thought it would be a great idea! He even gave me contact information to someone within the organization that may be willing to help.


I mean you always wish and hope and pray and dream that stuff can happen but when it does it kinda freaks me out. Well, not really but I was SUPER nervous to talk to him and was concerned that I wouldn't have anything to say and he'd laugh in my face. But he didn't, he was super kind, and shocked that I would reach out to him. (Granted I did a bit of research on him before just calling him out of the blue and practiced what I was going to say to him and emailed all my friends to ask what I should say!) But it was a great convo and one step closer to making this dream become a reality.

Just reminds me that God really wants me to be happy. You can dream all day and that's great...but sending an email and making a phone call are the only way things are going to happen. You have to be apart of the #dreamchasing momentum. God can't give you a tv series if you're sitting on the couch just watching tv all day. And that's just a reminder. (to myself)

Plus, I've adopted a new saying that I read somewhere this week, "They can't eat you." Which basically means...the worst thing someone can do is say no...they can't eat you, so you'll be fine. Ask anyway. Find out...send an email. The answer is always no if you don't ask.

SN: I sent an email to Max Siegel...if anyone knows him I'm trying to get in touch with him...I think he'd be great to help me with my project! Thanks in advance.

Even still as I write this blog, I'm nervously anticipating emailing this lady he put me in contact with...what do I say???? UGH!! She can't eat you Lenore...bring it on down. You can do it.

Heavy D

I didn't know Heavy D personally nor his music (wasn't allowed to listen to secular music as a child)...but I am sad he's gone. I'm sure his family and friends miss him dearly...he was pretty young. I do remember him from an episode of A Different World...and that's how I'd like to remember him. Fun, carefree, and living his dream. I aspire to do the same. RIP Heavy.

Black Latina

This weekend we shot the finale for The Colors of Love tv series which will air this winter. It was super fun and here are some behind the scenes photos courtesy of The Black Latina Movement and our guest director Mr. Michael "Boogie" Pinckney (yep...Spike Lee's protege) Click on their links for more info. Pretty cool stuff.

"Mel and B" on set...episode 1...actress/CEO Crystal Roman :)


1. It's like a group of friends getting together just to talk, laugh and have fun each time we're on set.
2. The food is AH-MAZING!! Shouts out to Shirley and her amazing cooking skills.
3. I'm inspired by the founders and CEO...women, of color, making their dreams come true. (noticing a theme here I assume) They're doing it...initially by themselves and have surrounded themselves with people and products (yep...check THIS link out-it talks about a MAJOR partnership with the movement) and they have already secured distribution before we even set foot on set. I think it's pretty cool and aspire to do the same thing. With NBC.

Yeah I said it...that's the network I want. I think it'll be a great network home for the show. We'll see.


So I've been sad a little (lot) sad cousin passed this Friday...he will definitely be missed. RIP Elliot D'Juan Thompson. We love you a whole lot and you'll always be in our hearts. Give Grandmama and Joy a big hug from me.

If you get a moment...can you pray peace for the family? And comfort for his mom? It's hard losing someone so young.

Baby T

In my grief...I've come upon some exciting news...the little baby that my sis is carrying around is a GIRL!!! I convinced myself that it was a little boy, so I took about 20 seconds to get over it and jump for pure joy after finding out. This little one is going to be soooooo loved!! I saw her picture yesterday (I mean she's only 20 weeks old) but she was holding up her arm like, "No pictures please...ur interrupting me" ummm....does that remind you of anyone you know? Here's a hint...she sometimes writes the blog you're reading! Ha...but seriously, this little precious angel is beautiful just like her mommy and I CANNOT wait to meet her.

New Job

So my time at Yankee Stadium has come to an least for the winter. And I find myself doing a similar job at a new place in Midtown. Be grateful, Lenore, you're bills are being paid and you're not living on the street. But seriously, I'd much rather spend my days on set, making a living that way...than trying my hand at more customer service. Ugh! I'm definitely learning humility at this place. I just hope I end up on a tv series sooner than later.

Lastly...if you've ever visited my website at the top it reads: Fearless. Limitless. Powerful.

And although I'm not completely there yet, that's what I aspire to be. That's how I aspire to live my life.

Completely fearless that I'll fail, that it won't work out, of people, of my own insecurities, of diabetes, of being alone, etc, etc.

That I'll realize the only limits that exist are in my mind and "no" only means not's mine if I really want it.

And accept that I am incredibly powerful, beyond my wildest dreams.

I hope this all for you as well.

Until next time! Dream Big...Cuz when it happens it's gonna happen real QUICK!!!