Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Diaper Cake

So last weekend was my older sister's very first baby shower! As you can imagine I am over the moon about "our" newest addition. I fell in love with diaper cakes awhile ago when I was teaching school and never found one to purchase that I absolutely loved. So I wanted to make my own. And I set out to do just that.

No...not yet posting pictures of the lovely event (it was indeed lovely) but I wanted to show you what I'd been working on to prepare my gift...fit for a princess.

I made my very first (and last) French Themed diaper cake which she and Mario had to compete to win in one of the games...fun indeed. It started out without a clear plan of direction, but once I found these French black, red and blue stickers, I knew exactly what I wanted.

It's pretty easy to do (I mean, c'mon I did it) it just takes a plan and enough time to do it right...then again, I'm a perfectionist so that may have had a little to do with it. After visiting Walmart, Babies R Us, Micheal's, & Office Depot I finally had everything (and more) that I needed to complete my task.

What you need:

Size 2 diapers (When I was in Walmart buying them, I met a mom that suggested Huggies were the way to go as Pampers leaked) Not having a baby of my own, I took her word for it and went with Huggies...plus they're cute. Size one diapers (which I used) are small and baby will have to use them immediately, so get them bigger so she can enjoy the decoration for just a tad bit longer.

Rubber Bands-tons of them. Different sizes. At least 3 big ones. Michael's doesn't carry them..you'll be wasting your time looking there. Try an office supply store or steal some from your mom.

1- 8 oz bottle (for your center)

1- 4 oz. bottle (for the center for the top tier)

1- Cake plate or platter

Ribbon...whichever colors you prefer. Be creative. The thicker the better for the bottom tier.

1- 4 pack of receiving blankets (2 need to be the same)

Topper- I went with Tigger...he was on sale and initially I thought I was going to have an orange, green and yellow cake...my oh my how that changed.

Optional: But really cool decorations I used

Baby socks/booties (makes little roses)

Flowers...whichever you prefer...or that are on-sale



Wrap around rattles

Bright Starts' "Lots of Links"

Various baby lotions, diaper ointments, shampoo, etc

Tub o'toys

Pacifier holder thingy


Baby shoes

What I learned:

1. Rolling diapers takes a loooong time. I opened them all and rolled them that way...looks neater.

2. Attach the ribbon with super glue. It holds together better once you start hanging things from it.

3. Get three different pattern receiving blankets. I think it looks better.

4. Flowers make a huge difference. You can use glue on that as well.

5. Straight pins look a lot better than safety pins...just warn mommy-to-be where you put them.

What to avoid:

1. Super gluing anything that baby will touch or potentially put in her mouth...I dunno..just makes me nervous.

2. Waiting til the last minute.

3. Double sided tape. It just sucks. Period.

4. Letting people talk you out of being creative.


So there you have it. To everyone that said I couldn't do it, shouldn't do it, didn't get my vision, and/or that it would be a waste of time...I hope you've eaten your words. I'm glad I didn't let you talk me out of my dream. I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to! And you can too!!


Also, I'm completely smitten with this song and can't get it out of my head. I'd like to introduce you, if you don't already know, William McDowell, my new favorite song: "I Give Myself Away"

Pictures of the shower to follow...promise (if I can convince Sis that she's beautiful in all of them :)

All my love,