Thursday, June 24, 2010

Opening Night Jitters

So...last night was the first night of our show Sorry Wrong Number...and overall it went well. The crowd was a little bare but it was still cool. It's always a neat experience to entertain people. I won't say that there weren't any hiccups or mess-ups last night (because there were) but live and learn and get better. Can't keep dwelling on it or you'll keep messing up. I kinda wish my fam and friends were there cuz it's hard not having supporters for something that you do...and there was like a meet and greet portion right after the show which was kinda awkward but kinda cool too. But my friends will here on Sunday so it'll be cool. You guys should come too...I'd love to see ya!

Only bad part about it is that I had to miss class yesterday (you know how I feel about commitments and me taking my work seriously) and feel like I really missed a lot yesterday. There's nothing I can do about it now but move on...but I still think about it. NO MORE MISSING CLASS!! I feel like a slacker and I'm in catch-up mode. Whatever.

Oh and ALSO..UGH...NYC has another strike against it. First strike is the winter...sorry but really cold weather sucks unless you're on vacation. And the second strike is NOT HAVING A WASHER/DRYER IN YOUR APARTMENT!! That by far is something that I simply cannot get used to. Call my stuck-up, spoiled, whatever! But carrying clothes to the laundromat is annoying, purely and simply.

Things I learned last Tuesday from washing clothes:

1. Always check the weather report BEFORE you start your loads. It was NOT fun bringing clean clothes back to my apt with an umbrella around them and me.

2. It costs about $20 to do all my clothes (I wait awhile to do it so I have huge piles) I didn't know this before.

3. I can just take out what I need in little Ziploc baggies in stead of carrying the WHOLE BOX OF LAUNDRY DETERGENT BACK AND FORTH! That made my life a little bit easier.

4. NO. I do NOT want your help dirty nasty man with my laundry. Clean or dirty I don't' want you to touch it. Please don't try and hit on a person when they're sweating hauling laundry back and forth...that can get you cussed out. I'm just sayin. And also, I just don't like people to touch my dirty clothes or move them from the wash to the seems so personal to me.

5. I just don't like it. I just don't. I want a place with the machines in it. (gonna add that to the vision board)

That's about it for now.

Oh! Craziest thing happened to me today ( older sis sent me a book excerpt from a new book she's gonna send me called When God Winks at You which I loved and it talks about coincidences-which I don't believe in-and how those are really winks from God that he's showing you he's thinking of you and it's gonna be ok) and so I've been more open to recognizing and appreciating my God winks. And I got another one today! I was standing in the middle of Manhattan -34th and 8th-and a lady walked by and said "You were great last night" I immediately said thank you and smiled. I believe that that was God's way of telling me that I'm on the right track..I'm doing what he wants me to do, and I'm where I'm supposed to be. Maybe I was supposed to miss class last night and it's gonna be ok. In the busy city in the world (ok maybe not) a random person walks by (there were only like 5 people in the theater last night for real) and she sees me? Coincidence? I think not. I was grateful. And the funny part about it is that I received a godwink right after Joy passed and didn't even know it. But I recognize it now...and again, I'm grateful.

I guess that wasn't all for then...but really...that's all for now.

Happy Thursday

Sunday, June 20, 2010

In honor of father's day 2010...

I dedicate this video to the first man I ever loved and taught me how to love. He's an inspiration and gives me wings to fly.

I love you very much daddy...

Happy Father's Day Daddy

Friday, June 18, 2010

Leaving class

Tonight was the second class of the intensive. And I leave the studio
excited, nervous, and a little confused.

Excited-I think I realy did a good job. And I think that's a good
thing for me to be able to admit. I can admit when I suck. I'm
learning to admit when I do something good. And tonight I did. My
partner and I went last. An what's funny is that during rehearsal I
thought he was overacting and not telling the truth and that our group
wasn't gonna b that great. But after my teacher told him the same
thing, he was incredible! I was so proud to be his partner. Like for
real. It was a treat for me to experience and I was there with him! It
was like he and I were the only two (aside from our teacher screaming
at us) in the room. I want that feeling again. And soon.

Nervous-was tonight a fluke? Or do I kinda have some skill? Will I be
able to do as good of a job next time we go up? I think a lot had to
do with the kind of day I had. It was awesome and it started this
morning, on a stage, rehearsing. I may have found something here.

Confused-(pause) I think this guy just had a complete conversation w
me on the train. But it was all n his head and mumbles. Weird. And
then when he got off he tapped the window where I was sitting. Weird-
er. (end pause) confused because I think I just got in trouble by my
teacher cuz I have to miss class on Wednesday. He was like that's a
problem cuz u accepted the show after I had committed to class. I
kinda feel like he's calling me out for not being committed which I so
am! Like 1000% to this program, the rehearsal program, and my partner.
And in the rule books that is one of the only way u can miss class is
by doing professional work. I'm kinda hurt, cuz I hate getting n
trouble, insulted, cuz I love learning and always strive to be a good
student, and mad that he doesn't understand that I am working and
doing the best I can. Like get off my back already.

Disclaimer tho he's such a good teacher. It's like sickening to watch.

Alas. It's bday weekend time. Gotta put on yet another cape (cuz I'm
superwoman and like to change up my capes)

All for now

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My future husband is...

Working hard. Right now. Prepping for our fourth of July vacation.
Just saying. It's a pretty day. I was thinking about him. Wanted to

Also may I just say that today is an incredible day. Started off with
a cool email about a new project I will start in August...tell u about
it later.

And then! I got to see my newest favorite photgrapher friend Audrey.
In the heart of Manhattan, Times Square to be exact. And she gave me
my newest pix. I'll let ya see some soon.

Now I'm out shopping for friends bday gifts and my sending my dad's
father's day gift! I hope it gets there in time! Ugh! Bad daughter!

Anywho. Did I mention the weather is nice? Well it is. I was tempted
to say it's so hot. But then I changed it to "it's so beautiful
outside today". Keeping the positivity flowing.

And I always get an energy when I'm walking down 5th avenue in the
city. It just makes me really happy. And shopping in Saks does the
same thing. Just sayin.

Happy Friday!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back to Basics...Living Truthfully Under Imaginary Circumstances

So last night I had my first day of school. Like for real, very first day all over again. No I'm not leaning to be a brain surgeon, but this is my career, acting is what I want to do with my I'm taking the time, making the investment to go back to school. I'm not going full-time which I kinda wish I was able to do (be a real college kid again) but I'm a grown -up and have responsibilities (and face it I have bills and I like to shop) so part-time is the way to go. It's going to be a long, hard, expensive journey...not as expensive as Sewanee...but it will all pay off. For right now, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights are out for me...don't call, I won't answer. Don't drop by..I won't be home. And on the evenings where I'm not in class, I have to be doing my homework...aka rehearsing with my scene partner. They call it an intensive and that is what it is, intensively taking away all my time. So respect it and understand it.

Key notes from class:

~Good actors really do and don't pretend, bad actors indicate (pretend to have a feeling)
~Hard to do something to the audience that you don't really feel
~Class is a laboratory...ur not here to get it right, ur here to learn
~It takes time to produce something-right ingredients, right care, and time
~Seed, soil, water, space, sun, and time-same ingredients needed to grow a head of cabbage and a mighty oak tree.

Last night was fun. It was informative and I met some of my classmates. But literally it was like the first day of school. No one knew each other, you were concerned about what to wear if anyone would like you (well maybe that's just me...idk) and our main goal of the evening was listening and responding. But really focusing on not pretending but really doing. Really listening, really responding. Which I don't' think many people do anymore.

I've always been a good listener, people usually like to talk to me because I do just that. But here's the problem...when I listen I don't talk. So people always question am I there, am I really listening. YES! I want to scream (but I don't', that would be rude) You listen with your ears not your mouth. I don't' have to talk until you're done...I will express myself, believe me I will...but u go ahead and say whatever it is that you need to say...I am listening. When did listening become who can talk the loudest or which person has to be right? No thanks...I'd rather go listen to someone else then who appreciates my listening skills. you know I've read The Secret...but I've recently started reading Happiness Pastor AR Bernard and each week ur supposed to read a chapter and reflect on it. Best way to keep me doing that is for you to keep me in line. So this week was the intro and the first chapter. Key notes: Well better's the link where you can buy it and/or read an excerpt from the chapters.
Happiness is....
Accepting God's Abundance

I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

-- John 10:10 NKJV
God offers us abundance, but He doesn't force it upon us. He promises that we "might have life" and that we "might have it more abundantly." And how, precisely can we claim that abundance? By obeying God and following His Son, that's how!
When we commit our hearts, our days, and our work to the One who created us, we experience spiritual abundance. But when we focus our thoughts and energies, not upon God's will for our lives, but instead upon our own unending assortments of earthly needs and desires, we inevitably forfeit the spiritual abundance that might otherwise be ours. Today and every day, seek God's will for your life and follow it.
Today, turn your worries and your concerns over to your Heavenly Father. Today, seek God's wisdom, follow His commandments, trust His judgment, and honor His Son. And while you're at it, get rid of that critical voice inside your head -- the little voice that tells you you're never quite good enough. When you do these things, you'll receive God's abundance...and you'll be happy.Great Ideas About Abundance

God loves you and wants you to experience peace and life -- abundant and eternal.
-- Billy Graham

We honor God by asking for great things when they are a part of His promise. We dishonor Him and cheat ourselves when we ask for molehills where He has promised mountains.
-- Vance Havner

Greatness occurs when your children love you, when your critics respect you, and when you have peace of mind.
-- Quincy Jones

God is the giver and we are the receivers; and it is not to those who do great things, but to those who "receive abundance of grace, and of the gift of righteousness," that richest promises are made.
-- Hannah Whitall Smith

You can have it all. You just can't have it all at once.
-- Oprah Winfrey

More from God's Word

And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others.
-- 2 Corinthians 9:8 NLT

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.
-- Matthew 7:7-8 NIVA
Simple Step
Abundance and obedience go hand in hand. Obey God first and expect to receive His abundance second, not vice versa.
I figured some of y'all wouldn't follow the link so I just copied and pasted it from Amazon HA!
Lastly, I leave you with this (for right now)
Your life story is being written one day at a time...with God's help, that story can-and will-be a masterpiece.
You think that's dope huh? Ha! I didn't write it! It's from the book!! Go get it!!
Happy Thursday :)

Great quote!

I just read the greatest quote.

"Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity."
-Will Smith

Um...didn't I just say that? like a post ago? Good point Will...good point.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My life's work...

I found this song by accident. My little sister is very controlling over her car radio and sometimes she forces you to listen to things that you may not want to listen to out of spite. Needless to say, on this occasion I was happy that she chose to do just that. Many times we forget or choose not to remember why we do the things we do and why we live the life we live.

I try and listen to this song to start my day. It's very simple. Very catchy and extremely important to remember.

Make me Invisible. It's not about me. You've given me this stage to introduce you.

The lyrics are below.

...A total eclipse has just begun.

We blocked out the Son.

Can't be live this is what we've come to.

So you think that you're a star?

But the real star has some scars.

On His hands and feet where the nails went through.

God is headlining this show.

To introduce Him's what I'm here for.

So without further delay...

It's time to take to the stage!! And I'll move out the way.

So that they only see, You that's inside of me!!

Don't let me block the view. That's not what I wanna do.

I gotta be seen through. Make sure they're seenin' You.

Make me invisible.

The crowd applauds, and now you're on.

They start to play your song.

But did He even come along? Or did He get left behind?

The day that you decided, that you would outshine His light?

But He's headlining this show.

To introduce Him's what I'm here for.

So without further delay... It's time to take to the stage.

And I'll move out the way.

So that they only see, YOU that's inside of ME.

Don't let me block the view.

That's not what I wanna do.

I've wanna be seen through.

Make sure they're seeing YOU.

Make me invisible... Make me invisible.

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Fairy Godmother

So this weekend has been great. I mean really great. Extremely busy but that's what I love about New York. This place is vibrant and alive and makes me feel the same way.

Today I went to church and as always it was awesome. And after church I had a really interesting conversation with my girlfriends.

Interrupt this blog to say how I'm really excited for Denzel Washington and Viola Davis for both winning Tony's for their roles in August Wilson's "Fences". Congratulations to them..that really made me happy...watched it with a whole lot of black actors and artists in the city. Can't wait til it's my turn.

But back to the convo...

So leaving church today, after the message was talking what you want and seeing what it is that you want out of life. And being on top of a mountain so that you can see further. Basically "The higher you go, the more you can see. The more you can see, the more you can have." So I thought to apply this to every aspect of my life and I asked the question (because I'm a hopeless romantic) what do you see your husband doing right now? The answers are as follows:

Me: I see him leaving church and he decided to take his mom, grandma and niece out to lunch.
Friend #1: I see him getting back into town from a business trip.
Friend #2: I see him traveling, somewhere in the world learning languages.

And after answering this question I could clearly see what each of us wanted in a mate. Me, someone with a close family and him treating the women in his life like the queens that they are. Friend #1 wants someone stable, steady, ready for a mate that has built a career for himself. Friend #2 wants someone who has seen or is seeing the world. Culturally aware and the ability to travel.
I was inspired by this question because I have a vivid imagination and could actually see my husband picking up his niece and watching his grandma and mom look at him with pride (I cheesy but that's what I saw). This clear image was so real that I have to try it again. I even saw my friends images and couldn't wait to meet their husbands either. I'm going to start making these visualizations everyday (about different things) about the different things that I want to be a part of my life. Like really make them real. If only for a moment. I mean what can it hurt.
I remember getting in trouble in school (well not trouble trouble but my teacher would get onto me) for reading during class (my book would be under my desk while she was talking...that's why I can't really tell time that great because during that lesson I was reading "The Baby Sitters Club when she asked me about a quarter til...I couldn't answer her then and I probably couldn't answer her now)
Anyway...I was saying that I would get in trouble for reading and for daydreaming in class. But I remember that I would get so wrapped up in another world and in my thoughts that I was no longer in the class. I was no longer Lenore sitting in my desk but Lenore walking the beach or talking to someone or having her first kiss. Why is it so easy to do as children and we make it so hard to do as adults? Well...back to my imaginative roots...back to creating my fantasy world which people have tried to make me forget over the past couple of years. Saying things like..."that only happens in your dreams", "this is real life", "that doesn't exist" "that's a fairytale" etc.
I think I'd rather live in the world I've created in my head than in this dark reality. No my reality people don't shoot the people that they love.
No I'm not delusional and won't walk around sprinkling fairy dust on people, but I will take the bits and pieces of my childhood story books back and not some much want the Cinderella life...because I'm not waiting on my prince charming to rescue me from my dreary life. I would much rather have the prince come running up (with at least 3 carats) after I've slayed my dragon, redecorated my 3 castles in LA, NY and a remote island somewhere all while wearing Manolo Blahniks...and we ride off into the sunset to be with our 2 maybe 3 kids. Him driving of course...or steering the horse and carriage if I continue with the theme.
All I'm saying is that I can appreciate Halle Berry's career...aside from the marriage part. She is taking the time to raise her child, do her charity work and live a normal, healthy life AFTER she has done the movies, won her Oscar and still has her residual Revlon commercial ads running all while having one of the sickest bodies in the game. That to me is a fairy tale. My dream come true...I'd just like a prince to come home to at night.
Well...moral of the story is...Just like it says on my facebook.
I believe in fairy tales. Dreams do come true.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Relationships...admit it. You knew it was coming. And this won't be the last of it.

I will preface this by I am not a relationship expert, and no I do not have all the know what I'ma stop saying that (yeah I said I'ma...I say that too) this is my blog...I have an opinion, you don't like it don't read it.

So I had an interesting conversation recently with an older (not old but 40) and we got to talking about how he and his girl had been together for 18 YEARS!!!! I couldn't believe it, he was saying they'd been together blah blah for a really long time and I was really inspired by the longevity of his relationship. So me, being the wedding lover that I am asked were they married. TO MY HORROR he said no.

Let's all take a pause for a moment for effect....

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!??!! 18 YEARS AND YOU DIDN'T MARRY HER!!?!?! I couldn't believe it. I think I just stared at him for awhile thinking to myself...for real? Like for real? 18 years?

And I ask him....well did she ever bring it up? You guys ever think about getting married? He said yeah, she's brought it up, especially when her younger brother got married and we've had our ups and downs.

So no, this is not a man bashing blog...and he's a really great guy so I won't dog him out.

But I'm left to wonder....why? Why not get married, make it legal after so long of a commitment? And he made a valid point saying if it's not broke then why fix it? But still in my head, in my world...marriage has always been the goal. Thru the kids and trials, and the ups and the whatevers...there is still a committment made before God, each other, and our families that says "til death do us part". True indeed he could dip out the next day and the wedding could have been for nothing (which is also how he feels) but at the same time he could do that tomorrow. What's making him stay today is the same thing that would make him stay AFTER the wedding. A choice.

But aside from the wedding he was talking to me about how she's a 'housewife' which kinda got me too. He was concerned that she's gonna really be messed up if anything happens to him. Which is totally TRUE!!!

How you not working and you don't even have a husband?

I dont' mean to judge but at what point did it get like that? How does one become comfortable with that as their reality? But at the end of the day he loves her and he says she starting now to get it together (their son is now 16...I'm just saying) so I wish them all the best and whatever goes on in their relationship has nothing to do with me and they deserve all the happiness in the world. I simply learned something about myself in that conversation.

And in an interesting turn...a lady that I know is leaving her position (a really good one at that) and going home to be a full-time mommy. When I asked her how she made that decision, she says she didn't. That her husband made it for her. That he noticed how busy she is all the time, how she doesn't really have time for her new (16 month) son and barely spends anytime with them. He gave her the option to get out. And an option she promptly took.

Although she's a little nervous about being a full-time stay at home mom, she must love it. And she never thought she would have kids, shoot she never thought she would get married, so I guess that's the beauty of roll with the things God gives you. A successful husband that can make that suggestion in this economy and a beautiful (I mean gorgeous) baby to share that journey with.

But what inspired me about her story is that I feel like she has it all. Clearly I don't know what goes on in her home, but to me that signifies strength. She has worked pretty much her whole life and can afford to shop wherever she wants and has done all the traveling and seeing as much of the world that she wants, and also climbed the corporate ladder.

And when the time came to put on her mommy hat...she's giving it all she's got. To have that option amazes me.

That's why I'm not in a rush to get married or have babies or struggle with either of them. When the time comes my time will come (note to future husband I need at least 3 carats) and when the time comes. I hope to also be able to put aside all my accomplishments, for a season, and donn my mommy hat to give it all I got.

These two women are bright, intelligent and have men in their lives that they love. But their stories are vastly different. And to me that teaches the importance of choice. What you choose today and choose everyday affects tomorrow. Not saying that I make all the right choices or that one is happier than the other cuz there's no way to know that. But it inspires me to choose carefully and cautiously.

Now I gotta run cuz I have to clean my apt and make dinner! More to come!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I HAVE to share this!!

You know how you get so excited about something but no one is around or picks up the phone to talk? Well that happened to me tonight. When I left the theater. I went to the (sold out) packed SVA Theater to see a new film starring my southern friend Stephen Tyrone Williams and left the theater beaming! Like not just smiley girl that I usually am but BEAMING.

I may be bias, I may be a little shallow but I can tell when I'm being lied to. And for the p
ast 103 minutes I was not! Children of God was the T.R.U.T.H. The film was beautiful. I mean beautifully done.

Stephen Tyrone Williams was the truth. His body is the truth. I'm just saying...and not that I'm lusting after him but I can respect the effort this man puts in the gym. It was beautiful to watch.

Basic info about the film, and no, I am not a film critic nor am I professionally trained to critique movies but this is my opinion. Don't like it don't read it. Basic info is below. I stole it
from his website.

New York City Premiere of Kareem Mortimer's CHILDREN OF GOD in association with Southern Fried Filmworks
PictureRun time: 103 min. | Bahamas | color | Film Format: Digital Video
Filmed in the breathtaking Bahamian islands, Kareem Mortimer’s debut feature is a
groundbreaking look at the lives of three people trying to survive in a homophobic and violently repressive islan
d nation. Jonny is a young white gay artist who has recently lost his inspiration, putting his art school scholarship in jeopardy. In an attempt to clear his head, he
travels to the serene island of Eleuthera, where he meets sexy black musician Romeo. Under the ever-watchful eyes of the judgmental island-dwellers,
Jonny and Romeo embark on a steamy secret love affair that puts both their lives in danger. Meanwhile, Lena, a jaded
preacher’s wife, initiates an anti-gay crusade on the island when she finds out her own husband has been sleeping around with men. As
Jonny and Romeo fall deeper in love, Lena’s quest to rid the island of gays picks up steam and, together, the three stories barrel towards a dramatic

So...basically...this film is set in the Bahamas (and the director gave a pre-speech about how
his countrymen still have some issues and are not perfect) and as I'm sure everyone knows being homosexual (esp a man) is not an accepted way of life. And this film explored that very well. It was captivating, moving, and I was inspired.

Williams has engaging from his first scene on's like you couldn't take your eyes of him. His eyes were so big and bright and's like I wanted to know his story. Of
course I was so connected to his co-star and felt so deeply for him that at one point, yeah I almost yelled at Stephen. But honestly, the beaches were beautiful. The acting was good. It was a treat to enjoy. This film deals with the church, homosexuality, and acceptance of individuals for who they are. What was also inspiring is that
race wasn't played a huge role in the film. Although one character was black and the other white (although he did say he wasn't white...but he was pasty) it never was really brought up. It was like they saw thru to the heart of the other person.

Stephen was funny, he was
energetic and he was real. His emotions were raw and uncensored (even with his mama...and I know a few island mamas and I'm not how sure they would have responded to him talking to them the way he did!) But I was entertained. And it also gave me butterflies thinking maybe just maybe Channing
and I can do a film and color won't matter...I digress.

I left the theater inspired. People ask me all the time why you movie to NYC instead of
LA, you wanna do film that's where you need to be. I'm inspired because I"m meeting people EVERYDAY that are doing what I love and making it IN NEW YORK. Stephen went to the Bahamas to shoot this film. Do you know how incredible that is? He was snorkeling ON CAMERA! And where does he live? NEW YORK! Just goes to show you what is for you is for you...and you can be anywhere your heart desires.

Oh but then when I was leaving I was so happy I wasn't really paying that much attention and I wore these huge heels...with kind of a weird platform and I jumped over a puddle of water and almost broke my daggum ankle! So ridiculous...tryna be cute. I might have screamed I can't remember. Ankle still hurt now.

For real, this film got me so excited I don't want to do anything else. I'm supposed to be cleaning my house and prepping for tomorrow's dinner and I have a meeting with an agent that should be cool.

But anyway, the film did remind me of the first time I went to the Bahamas. So it was a little sad to watch on a personal note.

To the first Bahamian I know and love. Rest in Peace sister. You are in my heart forever.
Joy Alexandria Owens

A Picture is Worth a Thousand much is a word worth?

So...I tried to not blog yesterday so I wouldn't become one of those blog obsessed people, but whatever...get it while the getting is good. Blog while I'm excited about it I guess.

So here goes.

I didn't want to comment on the idiotic comments that Slim Thug made recently...but I'm sorry I must. If not just a little bit.

-He's stupid.

That's all the energy I have in my mind, body, and soul to comment on such statements that he made about black women.

I think this article does great justice to how I feel about it. (BTW...I love Essence, I will be on it's cover someday...SPEAK IT!)
Just saying.

On to the next.
A happier subject.

I watched Dear John last night...the movie...with Channing Tatum, oh my! And I actually don't like Nicholas Sparks movies (A Walk to Remember was Mandy Moore. And The Notebook made me, a hopeless romantic gag!) But I found this one enjoyable. So, I've been riding with Channing since his role in She's The Man but we had a fight after Step Up and I didn't see Fighting. But anyway, my love for him grew exponentially after this movie. I think he did a great job...and here's why:

1. He's gorgeous (it's easier and faster to love a beautiful man)

2. He made me feel like I was the woman in the film. I don't even remember her that much, I mean I saw her but I really saw myself with him...he drew me in. That's what a great actor does.

3. His emotional connect with his opposite character (although not so much with his father, there was one scene where all I saw where inappropriate hands going every which way on his face and it made me uncomfortable). But the range of emotion that he had with his female co-star was truly inspiring.

4. It was the little things he did. Like the way he touched her hair and the forehead kisses that I remember this morning. Not necessarily everything that he said, but just the small things that a man does when he's in love with a woman. And it was evident in the way he touched her in the movie.

The young lady in the film did a good job, although her name escapes me right now...let me look it up. Amanda Seyfried, sorry girl, I hope people don't forget me too! That was awful! I will do better. Overall the film mad me happy and sad and emotional (no tears tho and it was full of tears) and I'm glad I've seen it. Doesn't make me want to buy it and I'm not sure that I want to watch it again, well maybe, but it was good.

Going to the screening of Children of God tonight to support my friend Stephen Tyrone I'm uber excited!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's next

I feel like in this industry (I use 'like' A LOT) people are always asking what are you doing now, even if you just finished a play or a film yesterday! It's like (there it is again!) can I just say nothing right now...I'm auditioning and haven't booked anything yet, jerk!

But no, that would be rude. So I smile and say what I just finished and that I'm auditioning and in school working on my craft. Which is true...just a nicer way to say it.

BUT! I actually do have something coming up pretty soon. A new play festival that I'm doing. My play is called "Sorry Wrong Number" and I may be bias but ours is the best. We have two shows...June 23rd and 27th so that's cool. Tix are $20 and need to be purchased from me...or at the box office but we're trying to get it sold out, so you might wanna get it fast. Just saying. It's at Shetler Studios.

Attached is the flier. How cool! I like this thing called blogging.

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This may be really cool.

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This is a test to see if I can blog from my phone. If I can that would be shweeet!!

Day of Productivity

So...for the past couple of years I've been talking about the things I've wanted...things I've wanted to do, etc. 2009 was the year that those things actually started HAPPENING.

"Be ye doers..."

And today was a day full of just that...I've been saying I wanted a website...know exactly what I want on it, etc and have just been putting it off for YEARS. I've been saying I want to blog...but I've been putting it off for YEARS. I've been saying I've wanted to move to NYC or LA but I was putting it off for YEARS...I think I've made my point.

"Do it now" has got to be my new mantra. If I want it now, I gotta do it now. Case closed.

So...please keep me focused and not get weary in well doing...haha

Moved to NY..check
Started my website..check (got my domain and hosting just a few minutes ago)
Started a blog..check

What else do I want? Oh yeah...a tv show. Thanks. Feature films. Thanks. National commercials. Thanks. A network of friends and comrades in NY...cuz I'm still new and it's weird not knowing many people.

So....some posts will be longer than others...some I could probably just post on twitter and be done with it ( but bear with me. I'm figuring this out just like you.

This is my first blog post...kinda surreal...I've had a few of those moments this year. I expect SO MANY MORE.

I have "The Secret" I built the vision board, I'm taking the classes...I'm making the steps, I'm enjoying my journey. I enjoy being me. I enjoy this process. I wonder what it's gonna look like in the end.

Happy Tuesday!