Monday, November 14, 2011

Doing what I love...Loving what I DO!

I know it's been awhile so forgive me...I know it's long...but there are pictures :)

Spikes (reading)

At this point, everyone knows that we've written a show right? For television? For network distribution, to be green lit, etc, etc? (Just making it clear what I want) so I wanted to update you on what's going on with that far so good. I want to make a show that I'd like to see, with a diverse cast and that's not been done before.

Those that have gotten around to reading it (it's a really long script) have really enjoyed it and given me some really good feedback. We're prepping for our first reading of the script before the month is out (YIKES) I mean it's only November 14th so we have plenty of time, right? RIGHT?!?!?

But seriously, we're really focused on getting that done so we can make any edits and changes and move forward.

Speaking of moving forward...I think we're going to first pitch it to a production company since they have the capabilities/network connections that we don't have and see what they're response it. I'll keep you updated on that as it comes. First step...solid/tight script. Thoughts?

So we've locked down a location (that was fast, thanks again you're awesome) and I'm working on securing actors for it...just a reading but still, I want it to sound good! And we'll probably do a public reading soon.

Overall goal, Summer 2012...before the London 2012 Olympics. Why you ask? I'll let you know later :)

Convo w LA writer

Speaking of asking and you shall receive...I found a really great article online this past week written by a NBC correspondent, professor at USC, best-selling author, extraordinaire and I sent him an email.

Yep. Just like that.

I wanted to talk to him about what he thought about the project and if a certain organization would be interested in learning more about it, etc. And he readily answered all my questions and thought it would be a great idea! He even gave me contact information to someone within the organization that may be willing to help.


I mean you always wish and hope and pray and dream that stuff can happen but when it does it kinda freaks me out. Well, not really but I was SUPER nervous to talk to him and was concerned that I wouldn't have anything to say and he'd laugh in my face. But he didn't, he was super kind, and shocked that I would reach out to him. (Granted I did a bit of research on him before just calling him out of the blue and practiced what I was going to say to him and emailed all my friends to ask what I should say!) But it was a great convo and one step closer to making this dream become a reality.

Just reminds me that God really wants me to be happy. You can dream all day and that's great...but sending an email and making a phone call are the only way things are going to happen. You have to be apart of the #dreamchasing momentum. God can't give you a tv series if you're sitting on the couch just watching tv all day. And that's just a reminder. (to myself)

Plus, I've adopted a new saying that I read somewhere this week, "They can't eat you." Which basically means...the worst thing someone can do is say no...they can't eat you, so you'll be fine. Ask anyway. Find out...send an email. The answer is always no if you don't ask.

SN: I sent an email to Max Siegel...if anyone knows him I'm trying to get in touch with him...I think he'd be great to help me with my project! Thanks in advance.

Even still as I write this blog, I'm nervously anticipating emailing this lady he put me in contact with...what do I say???? UGH!! She can't eat you Lenore...bring it on down. You can do it.

Heavy D

I didn't know Heavy D personally nor his music (wasn't allowed to listen to secular music as a child)...but I am sad he's gone. I'm sure his family and friends miss him dearly...he was pretty young. I do remember him from an episode of A Different World...and that's how I'd like to remember him. Fun, carefree, and living his dream. I aspire to do the same. RIP Heavy.

Black Latina

This weekend we shot the finale for The Colors of Love tv series which will air this winter. It was super fun and here are some behind the scenes photos courtesy of The Black Latina Movement and our guest director Mr. Michael "Boogie" Pinckney (yep...Spike Lee's protege) Click on their links for more info. Pretty cool stuff.

"Mel and B" on set...episode 1...actress/CEO Crystal Roman :)


1. It's like a group of friends getting together just to talk, laugh and have fun each time we're on set.
2. The food is AH-MAZING!! Shouts out to Shirley and her amazing cooking skills.
3. I'm inspired by the founders and CEO...women, of color, making their dreams come true. (noticing a theme here I assume) They're doing it...initially by themselves and have surrounded themselves with people and products (yep...check THIS link out-it talks about a MAJOR partnership with the movement) and they have already secured distribution before we even set foot on set. I think it's pretty cool and aspire to do the same thing. With NBC.

Yeah I said it...that's the network I want. I think it'll be a great network home for the show. We'll see.


So I've been sad a little (lot) sad cousin passed this Friday...he will definitely be missed. RIP Elliot D'Juan Thompson. We love you a whole lot and you'll always be in our hearts. Give Grandmama and Joy a big hug from me.

If you get a moment...can you pray peace for the family? And comfort for his mom? It's hard losing someone so young.

Baby T

In my grief...I've come upon some exciting news...the little baby that my sis is carrying around is a GIRL!!! I convinced myself that it was a little boy, so I took about 20 seconds to get over it and jump for pure joy after finding out. This little one is going to be soooooo loved!! I saw her picture yesterday (I mean she's only 20 weeks old) but she was holding up her arm like, "No pictures please...ur interrupting me" ummm....does that remind you of anyone you know? Here's a hint...she sometimes writes the blog you're reading! Ha...but seriously, this little precious angel is beautiful just like her mommy and I CANNOT wait to meet her.

New Job

So my time at Yankee Stadium has come to an least for the winter. And I find myself doing a similar job at a new place in Midtown. Be grateful, Lenore, you're bills are being paid and you're not living on the street. But seriously, I'd much rather spend my days on set, making a living that way...than trying my hand at more customer service. Ugh! I'm definitely learning humility at this place. I just hope I end up on a tv series sooner than later.

Lastly...if you've ever visited my website at the top it reads: Fearless. Limitless. Powerful.

And although I'm not completely there yet, that's what I aspire to be. That's how I aspire to live my life.

Completely fearless that I'll fail, that it won't work out, of people, of my own insecurities, of diabetes, of being alone, etc, etc.

That I'll realize the only limits that exist are in my mind and "no" only means not's mine if I really want it.

And accept that I am incredibly powerful, beyond my wildest dreams.

I hope this all for you as well.

Until next time! Dream Big...Cuz when it happens it's gonna happen real QUICK!!!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thinking of a Master Plan...

The Colors of Love TV Series will debut on Time Warner, Verizon and Comcast Channel this Winter... Stay tuned for details! We're 3 episodes in and my cast-mates are HILARIOUS!!

The lovely ladies over at Meant2BFamous and I did an interview a few weeks ago...finally putting it up...sorry for the delay.

CLICK HERE for the Interview

ALSO: Just putting it out there: I'm going to go to LA before this year is out.
(I keep saying it and putting it off) need to make it happen. Don't know how or for what but it needs to happen.

OHHH!! If you have a scanner on your phone...I created a QR code for my website...looks a little something like this!


If you have the Iphone I prefer the app QR's fast and easy and it'll take you right to it. It's kinda fun.

Last week's meeting with a Network Exec...I won't mention any names but I'll say this: was intense.
A lot of information
A whole lot of you're doing it all wrong.
A whole lot of it's so hard, why are you doing this, harder for people of color, gonna take you a million years, etc etc etc.

And then I started watching "How To Make it in America." Nuff said.

I won't let anyone define me or what I do. Maybe my path is gonna be a little different than yours...and I'm ok with that. Geez...

(side note: She was a really high exec and it's crazy that my first meeting ever was with her. Totally impressed with the favor-she'd be a great mentor-remember I'm still on the lookout for one.)

Baby Bump

My lovely sis sent me a picture of her baby bump recently and I almost cried. I honestly know what Tamera Mowry-Housely felt when her sister Tia was pregnant. I'm gonna be such a great aunt!

And congrats guys on your closing. Makes us single gals still believe that our prince and castle will come too.

(sidenote: Tia and Tamera Take 2 is such a great show that shattered all type of records on the Style Network...see it can be done.)


Went back to Philly this past week and it was really great...a friend of mine drove me out there and we had a BLAST! Ate cheesesteaks at Max's (shout out to Kevin Hart who filmed some of his film Laugh At My Pain there.)

And I honestly had a really great audition, I think they really liked me so hopefully (God I know you hear this...I would really LOVE to book it...please and thank you)

Also, also, friend Kenya and I have a fantastic idea for a new venture...doing all the research for that now...hopefully can tell you more by Christmas time.

The Mountaintop

OMG!!! Go see it, go see it, go see it!!

It is incredible. And I know I'm such a fanatic for Angela Bassett...but ya'll...she is phenomenal. I don't really remember Samuel L. Jackson being onstage (even though the play is about MLK and he plays the main character) But I tell ya...from the moment she was onstage I couldn't take my eyes off her. Simply breath-taking.

Ok...also...around this time of year is when I start doubting myself and doubting why I'm doing what I'm doing and comparing myself to other actresses and my friends and how far along they are in their journey. Yeah...I said's not always butterflies and roses.

Here I stand again at a critical point in my life...trying to talk myself into not quitting and moving back to GA and leading a normal life. I mean why bother with this chasing dreams bit? Quite's hard. And it sucks sometimes.

I just want to act.

But no. I have to submit. And audition. And work a survival job, and network, and work out (ha!) and be optimistic and most of all...BE PATIENT.

I hear it all the time and quite's harder than it seems. But I trust God. I trust that I'm making the right decision and following my dream. And even though today looks a little grim (why is my survival job closing for the winter?) I know it will get better.

I mean it can all change in an instant right? RIGHT?!?!?

Lol..of course it can. We all know I'm not a patient person...hello have you been reading my blog? And right now I'm distracted and want to crawl into a warm hole and stay forever (there's something about that whole-weather-changing-to-coldness that I despise) But the show must go on...somehow. With a smile on my face. Which is kind of breaking out right now ugh!!

Point being..."You can't win if you're not sitting at the table." Heard that today in a film...which was free and you MUST watch's called Five

It's centered around Breast Cancer Awareness "Pinktober" Month (get tested ladies) and it was AWESOME!! All about empowering women. And the short stories all tied together beautifully. I'm sure Asia will appreciate's a Lifetime movie.

Directed by: Jennifer Anniston, Demi Moore, Alicia Keys, Penelope Spheeris Patty Jenkins and starring Jeanne Tripplehorn. And two of my favorite actresses Rosario Dawson and Tracee Ellis Ross. #whoruntheworld

In case you were I will not give up until I've accomplished what I said I would. Just gets a little tricky when I have to put on a coat and scarf to leave the house.

Keep dreachasing guys! You inspire me!!

Saying Goodbye to an Icon...literally

As I'm sure many of you already know, Steve Jobs lost his battle with cancer today. And as many grieve the passing of a genius visionary...that's not where my heart feels the loss.

Yes, he did amazing things in the realm of technology but I read today that he is survived by his wife of 20 years, Laurene, and four children. Steve was only 56.

I can't imagine what they're feeling right lose a husband or a father after such a short amount of time on the planet...

I'm amazed at how he balanced it all. 20 years of marriage is quite a feat. Especially in the world we live in today and ESPECIALLY after running Apple for so many years. How he was able to maintain his leadership in one of the biggest companies in the world AND nurture a wife, kids, and a household baffles me slightly. It puts it all into perspective I assume.

At the end of the day, to his family and friends, it doesn't matter how many Ipads were sold yesterday or when the Iphone 5 is coming out...they had to say goodbye to a person, not an icon. A family member. Their beloved. Although he left an amazing career legacy behind him, what he did as a human is what I marvel at. I wish his family all the comfort in the world right now. And simply want to say Rest in Love, Steve Jobs. Thank you for leaving an incredible mark on our world.

Note to self: Lenore, it's great to have dreams and chase after them with all the energy you have...but when it's all said and done...what will your legacy reflect. That you left your all on the TV screen? Or you saved some of your smiles and best moments for your husband and kids? That you made this world a better place because you were here? Man, I really hope so.


"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do,"

"If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on."
-Steve Jobs

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back to Blogging

Dearest Lorin...I don't have many pictures. Just my thoughts. I'll try and keep it brief. There are even headers so you can jump down and skip sections.

I know I haven't written in over a month and for that I sincerely apologize (mother) but I'm here...all is good and life is busy :)

So this past month has come and gone in a blur. I said back in February, I believe, that I wanted to be in a tv series by the end of the summer, Labor Day to be exact...and guess what? That dream came true! I play a supporting character on the new show "Colors of Love" that will air on the access channels in NYC and Minnesota. I think that's pretty cool. I'll let you know when it will air. We shot the promo awhile back and episode one last weekend which was pretty fun.

Season 1 Scripts...pretty cool huh?

(Next dream God...I would like to have a billboard in Times Square by the end of the year and I want to be in "Sparkle")

And...I've been back and forth to Philly a few times to meet with Casting Agents and it has been super fun. I got some really great feedback and they'd like to start working with me sooner than later (which is always a great sign) I'll be going there for an audition Thursday so hopefully I'll have something to shout about on Friday. Prayers prayed, fingers crossed.


Oh...also...Check out my first radio interview I did with The Air It Out Girls

Super fun :) Love those gals.


I think I've mentioned this before...but I simply believe that the things that come out of my mouth come true (hence the reason for this blog...keep me focused and hold myself accountable) ANYWAY!!

My friend and I are writing a show and so far we've been getting some really GREAT feedback from some really amazing people which has been awesome. And what surprises me, for lack of a better word, is how willing people have been to help. Lend support, read, find contacts, etc. to make this dream a reality. I'm honestly floored. I simply believe good things are bound to happen...this show will be on a major network SOON :)

Dear Jesus in Heaven I have to write a treatment for the show by tomorrow! Eek...I mean I did ask for favor and He's giving it to me super fast! Anybody know how to write one? Ya girl could really use some help!

City Winery

I also attended the Rock 'n' Wine Presented by Vanity Fair at City Winery this past week celebrating the birthday of chef Mario Batali with special guests The can I just say UH_MAZING!!! They play with so much passion and ugh, just everything. I feel it in my soul. Not to mention I got to watch from backstage..that tends to make everything a little better :) Thanks again! It was an amazing night.


I can't stress it enough. This lady is amazing. So supportive. She said to me the other day, "I know I'm not supposed to answer my phone at work but I have to answer the calls from you because I'm just waiting for the call that's going to change my life forever."

I mean seriously. How can you not love a person like that? I believe that's where I get my positivity and beliefs from...she's the type of person that when you stop believing, she keeps believing for you. I've often said that the one person that could possibly believe in my dream more than me would have to be my mom.

I'm so blessed to have people in my corner like her. My support system is ALL THAT!


So I just noticed that I have A TON of Yankee paraphenalia, like at this point, it's becoming a bit absurd. Cups and hats and tshirts and key chains, etc. I mean I love the logo, and I LOVE Curtis Granderson...but at some point enough is enough. I'm thankful though that I get free stuff so don't be surprised if you see the blue NY in your stocking this Christmas...just saying. But they're #1 in the East right now so you can't hate on a champ. Too bad I wasn't at work the day all of the team came into the restaurant...grrrr!!

Nonetheless I was down-south, where I can let my hair down :) with some amazing people eating some incredible food.

Can't get much better.


I would also be remiss if I didn't mention and pay respect to a really important day that just passed. September 11th will be embedded in my mind forever and I'll have to say my heart still goes out to those that lost loved ones on that tragic day. You will never be forgotten.

Earthquakes and Hurricanes

So if you've been paying attention at all to the weather you'd notice that NYC/Northeast got hit with a Hurricane and an Earthquake in like the same week. CRAZY! It was definitely one of the craziest moments of my life (the earthquake) never felt that before and def don't want to feel it ever again. Really makes you take a moment and think about what you have, what you've lost, what you've gained, and the person that you are. At least it did for me.

Babies and Weddings

1. My friend is getting married in JAMAICA!!! I'm soooo happy for them I can't even stand it.

2. I'm going to be an already know the baby shower has been planned. Excitement isn't even the word to explain how I feel.

Note to self(and all the people that may be thinking this):

I am HAPPY that this is happening to is not my time for either. Thanks and have a nice day.

2 Year Anniversary

So as I embark on this journey called my life...I must say that my 2 Year Anniversary passed a few weeks ago and truly it feels like it has just flown by. Things have happened, I've moved. People have come and gone out of my life and in the end I can honestly say that I'm happy. God has truly blessed me and work has been steady and good. Even in the dark times, I still believe. If I thought the first 2 years were good, I can't wait to see what's in store for me next. THE BEST IS YET TO COME :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Maybe You'll Settle But I Won't

So what's new you ask..THIS

We've officially reached our $20,000 goal but we can always use another donation! I told you guys about the first feature I've been cast in and we just had our first table read this past week...this film is gonna be SO MUCH FUN!! Like for's hilarious. I wanna tell you all about it. But I won't, you have to wait :)

ALSO...worked an event for Victoria's Secret and look who I met:

ADRIANA LIMA! She's beautiful inside and out. So apparently I hang with supermodels now #cool...

Also, also, also check this new teaser trailer out for a show I'm on:

Hate to sound cocky...but my team is WAY better than the other :) Team A ALL DAY!!

And my lovely and fantastic friends have started a new movement...Meant 2B Famous...check out their site HERE They used my lovely face to rock some of their style and jewelry pieces...can't wait to see what they have up next. They're all about chasing your dreams and going for what you know to be true in your heart...girls after my own heart. I really love what they stand for and the brand they're building. #dreamchasers indeed. You can check out their BLOG (left everything in the south...came to NY to pursue their careers...we were meant to become friends)

Here are some behind the scenes photos:

See the sign? It says No Parking....that means I gotta keep it moving...moving forward that is.

And guess what else...I snuck home for a few days and it was awesome! We had our family reunion and it was so nice to see all my family and loved ones in the same place at the exact same time. I won't post too many pix and videos, cuz they'd have a fit...but they are All That and I love them dearly.

Of course we did the "Cupid Shuffle"

Of course if you know me at all you know that I can't go anywhere and just relax so of course I wanted to make the most of my 48 hours at home and scheduled a meeting with an agency down there....and guess what. My entire family sat in the car and waited for me until I finished. I couldn't believe was like a dream come true. It was everything I've ever wanted in that moment. They all sat in the hot sun in a car as I went chasing after my dream and once it was over I walked outside and they were all there asking me what happened, how'd it go and it was just incredible. I felt so loved and at the same time felt like I didnt' have to abandon my dream and what I want to make everyone else happy. When you're doing what you're put on this earth to do and have to love and support of some pretty amazing family and friends...there's no way you can lose. And walking out that door that day, I felt like I was winning all over the place.

THEN...after that amazing weekend I spent time in North Carolina for the National Black Theater Festival...which is pretty doggone awesome if you ask me. It was great to see the black theater community come together and support one another in one place...if felt like a giant family reunion that I was being inducted into. It's a tad different from ABFF (I mean Miami compared to Winston-Salem) but it was really cool. A little surreal that I walked past Mr. Gaines and Julisa from "A Different World" (one of my most favorite shows) and I saw an incredible show "Knock Me a Kiss" and watched in awe as Lillias White performed. I'm glad I went and even more glad that I met two new great friends that picked me up when I was down...literally. I even got to participate in a couple readings...that went really well...even got this review from one of the playwrights, "I somehow mislaid contact info for cast members but found Lenore Coer's card, I'm copying her on this because she was amazing, either had familiarized herself with the script or is just a genius performer but she threw down an eerily dead-on manifestation of how I'd imaged the character Parthena, from the first words of dialogue she spoke." That was really nice to hear feedback from him :)

And...NBTF made me face my fear and audition in front of a room full of industry professionals in their showcase! Talk about shaking!! I was soooo nervous before I went in but so proud of myself after I did it. Nobody said #dreamchasing was easy. I made some great contacts and now I have to follow up.

All for now...last thought. Christ died so I could live. I think he'd be pretty upset if after all his work, i.e going all the way to the cross, I lived a mediocre life.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Emergency Room Chronicles

So as of 8pm last night there is a hole in my foot and a hole in my arm :( Not looking for sympathy just wanted to let you know what's going on.

So here goes: I'm in rehearsal for the MCC Theater this entire week for a showcase that we're doing on Saturday (yeah...we just started rehearsing on Monday) I thought I had rehearsal last night at 6 so I'm headed there and I don't really have it (they weren't working on my scenes) which was cool! Why? Because I'd gotten free tickets to a party cruise with my agency for that night anyway!

So I jump off the train, head back to my house and throw on a party dress and some heels in my bag (I can do makeup on the train) The cruise leaves the dock at 7pm. I'm making great time, I get on the subway at like 5:45. Perfect.

I get off the train at Canal St and start walking to the pier. I'm trying to figure out where I'm going and call my friend to see if she's coming and trip over a stupid rusty broken pole that's sticking up from the ground. UGH!

Not gonna lie, first thing I thought was, crap I broke my shoe. INSTEAD...I've completely gashed open the bottom of my foot. Right on the ball of my foot. I look around to see what I can do for a band-aid and notice a group of people walking into a building. So I ask the nice looking man if he has a band-aid I can borrow cuz I just cut my foot. He, seeing this tall, attractive black girl, wearing her favorite party dress, says of course, come on in.

I walk into his showroom (yeah, we'll get to that in a minute) and he calls me back to the bathroom to clean my cut. By the time I walk from the front door to the bathroom I have left bloody footprints and completely filled my sandal with blood. (sorry that's so graphic-I won't show you a picture of it, now that's REALLY disgusting) So this nice older gentleman proceeds to completely clean my wound and his friend comes and bandages me up and makes me promise her that I'll go to the emergency room because she fears that I'll need stitches and a tetanus shot. At which point I begin to feel the tears well up behind my eyes (yep, I'm Superwoman but my emotions ooze out of my eyeballs sometimes) they try and calm me down by asking who I am, how old I am and what I moved to NY for.

Of course I tell them I'm here to act, even through my tears I'm no fool. At which point, nice older gentleman says, "Do you know what I do? I design Broadway shows!" (really is this my life :)

His friend: Yeah he has like 7 Tony's
Him: No, I don't, I only have 5.
His friend: Well, it should have been 7.

I can't help but sit there and smile. This is really my life.

So, nice older gentleman calls me a cab to take me back to Brooklyn, and even pays for the entire ride TO BROOKLYN. I know many of you aren't from or live in the city...but most people are afraid to take a cab from the city to Brooklyn, afraid of what the total will be :)

But I am truly grateful for their generosity and their hospitality. I would've been lost without them. I held it together for the most part, I only lost it when I called my mom from the cab and started bawling, my defense I was scared, alone and in shock. Whatever don't judge me :)

I'm reminded of this quote when I think of how kind those people were to me.

"Friends are the angels that lift us up when our wings have forgotten how to fly."

The hospital staff was very kind to me and moved me pretty quickly through my process. I was home pretty quickly. WITHOUT STITCHES!! I have to stay off my foot for awhile and keep this bandage thing on it for 5 days and take antibiotics but other than that I expect a full recovery. The doctor and nurse said they even expect to see me on tv and will tell everyone that they knew me when :) it was no where near as nice as Grey's Anatomy but it wasn't too bad there was plenty drama there. I kept reminding myself it could be soooo much worse! Or maybe that's just the pain talking.

So I leave the hospital last night with a hole in my foot and in my arm (I did have to get that blasted tetanus shot-ouch) but also with an overwhelming sense that I'm really not alone here. There are people that I can call, people that will come if I need them and that really love me.

SN: Dear Jesus...if I ever have to be reminded of that again PUH_LEASE don't send me to the emergency room, a simple note from a friend will suffice :)

PIX (special shout-out to my beloved older sister that told me my blog was boring and she couldn't read all of it. She needed pictures and videos to keep her attention, so I've been trying to do just that)


A few months ago, I had the craziest idea to run in a race that I saw online. It's a 5k and you run an obstacle course thru...MUD. Yup. Dirt. That smells pretty badly might I add.

So, special shout-outs to Bryson, cuz he was such a trooper to go along with my crazy idea.

We got up early and had breakfast prepared by our favorite coach and headed upstate NY.

Our Coach/Mentor

Well, let's just say it was an interesting experience as I'm sure you can see from the pictures. Needless to say, there weren't many others that looked like Team Purple Tigers (yep...that was our name) but we had a great time anyway.

I honestly can't remember our time, but we didn't come in last and we beat a number of other costumed couples. Taking into consideration that one member (me, of course) decided that it would be a great idea to run cross-country in Air Force Ones! Yes, that's correct. They were black and went with the theme of my costume. And YES, I tripped over a rock or tree branch or whatever other thing was in the woods that made me slip and fall. Flat on my behind, twisting my left ankle in the process.

But Lenore, hadn't you already twisted the right ankle 800 meters into the race?

Don't judge me! Of course I did!

But I tell you this. I completed every hill, every bridge, every nasty water crawling obstacle that they threw at me! I may not have had a smile on my face. But I did. And it was fun.

Will I do it again? Uhhhh...jury still out on that one!


So I told you guys that I was going to the American Black Film Festival right? Just say yes, I"m sure I did. Anywho, IT WAS AWESOME! And in Miami. I got back on Monday. I learned A LOT and met A LOT of great and creative people. No one is able to give you a manuscript on how to be successful in this business but the people that I met and the classes that I took kept echoing the same thing...MAKE YOUR OWN PROJECTS.

Bill Duke said it. Yep, I took his acting class. Which was sooo much fun and so much information crammed in. He taught us about the business side of acting which so many of us creative people tend to hide from.

Robert Townsend said it. Yep, I took his pitching class. Which was very entertaining and inspiring to watch. I'm a visual learner and learn from example and that's exactly what he did. Showed us, by letting my classmates pitch, how to make a successful pitch for a project. Which is awesome cuz I intend to do that very soon.

Can't tell you much, but I've recently started writing. And I think it's awesome....hope to make you guys proud. I'm still auditioning and rehearsing but I'm also inspired to 'get my own yard' as Bill Duke would say.

Sure I can go and play in someone else's yard as long as they want me to, but there may come a time when they'll tell me to leave. But no one can tell me to get off my own yard. (Hope that metaphor made sense to you because it spoke VOLUMES to me) I want my in charge of my own content. I mean, I'm kind of a control freak anyway so might as well :)

Yep...partied with the legend John Singleton, really nice guy :) Can't wait to go back to ABFF when one of my films screens there! #dreamchaser

But I'm working on a series...(cuz I want to be on tv) and I'll let you know how this process goes. When it finally gets on tv you guys can say you remember when...

I wish the weather was a little better for the time I spent there but I'm a positive person and can have fun and be happy almost through anything :)

Special shout-out to Tina Lee Jones and her #goaldigger shirts that I was reppin on South Beach. CLICK HERE to order one. They're super cute. She's all guessed it...going for your dreams. And not depending on others to get it for you (didn't I just say that's what everyone was saying at ABFF) so you know I'll rock with her! I'm not a golddigger but a GOALDIGGER! Do your thing ma! All love!

OHHH and I saw an amazing film while I was down there, wish I'd seen more (no time- didn't we talk about judging) it's called Dysfunctional Friends by Corey Grant. A really fun, feel good (but of course I cried) film. It's written extremely well and Christian Keyes I think was the best actor in the film. First, he was hilarious but he also had some really nice dramatic moments. Kudos to the whole crew. Even T.O. who made his first acting debut in this film.


AND!! Remember the show I did Love's Gonna Get Ya at the DC Black Theater Festival?'s headed to the National Black Theater Festival in NC in a few weeks, how nice is that!? I'm really feeling the momentum that they're on and it goes back to the whole 'create your own' content that I'm inspired to do. So keep it up guys! I'll see you there cuz I need some southern folks in my life and will be headed there soon!

Her new album is UH_MAZING!!! And I don't know why I do this...but I have a picture of me holding her album each time I get the new one. Thanks BR :)

All for now, I know that was a lot and I have some other things to share..but I'll get to that soon. Keep chasing your you might actually catch one!!