Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thousand Words

All I REALLY want to say is that IT'S SNOWING AT THE END OF MARCH!!!

Am I in the twilight zone!? UGH!

But I also wanted to share a few pix with you from the month of March...(it's my favorite month of the year) plus I'm starting a new adventure in my life...and it begins at Yankee Stadium
This is the view I'm blessed with from my new job. No I'm not on set in my trailer getting hair and make-up (yet) but that's not a bad view at all. Day 1 of training we were taken on an amazing behind the scenes tour of Yankee Stadium...who does that? I saw Derek Jeter's his ACTUAL locker with a stack of fan mail...kinda surreal. And don't get me started on A. Rod. (#swoon) Anyway, back to the pictures.

Monument Park is pretty are some of the plaques dedicated to some of the ball-players.

I really need to do my research on the CURRENT Yankees' players...apparently they come to my job all the time...I'd hate to not know who they are.

These names I recognized :) to go thru the dugout and onto the field. AND THIS IS ORIENTATION?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME...I'm just amazed sometimes at the favor of it all.

Our fearless tour guide, who's been with the Yankee's organization for like 100 years (of course that's an exaggeration) And OF COURSE my eyes were drawn to that GINORMOUS ring on his hand that he got when the Yankees beat my beloved Braves in the World Series of '99 (yeah I asked-danggit)

And the LAST photo that I wanted to share is one from my shoot on Sunday. I won't show the outfit (element of surprise :) But my face was done by Lillybeth Gonzalez and I was styled by Stacey Jordan.

All for now...I'm trying to be a better blogger! That's like two in a week!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

...and a small dash of the silly

If you've ever met me then you'd know that:

1. I'm pretty clumsy (like trip and fall ALL the time)
2. I'm genuinely a nice person (the majority of the time)
3. I'm a little crazy (I'm an actor, what do you expect)

So here's some recent behind the scenes pix that I thought I'd share. So u can see some of the silly.

Um...what's new...nothing much really.

Pure lies. I don't know why I just lied like that.

I have a show "The Best Kept Secrets" ...Coming May 20th & 21st at the Lang Recital Hall @ Hunter College tickets go on sale this month with an early bird special $20 from March 17-31. Get your tickets here

And I now have a fan page that I'd love for you to join Lenore Coer just takes a second :)

Oh AND I'm one of the newest additions to the Love's Gonna Get Ya cast. Make sure you like their page to find out more about the show. Should be tons and tons of fun.

my birthday is next Saturday and I think I'm gonna try and plan an early bday brunch before a day of nothing but rehearsal (not that I'm complaining...I always said I want to the kind of actress that's always I guess this is a part of my dream coming true)

AND I would like to suggest a pretty fantastic book...I have a new man in my life. His name is Max. Lucado that is. Ever heard of him?

Well he's written a fantastic book that I've really related to well. It's really become a part of my life. Sometimes I feel like he's speaking directly to me...and I have to say, "Oh Max." (told you I was a tad bit crazy) It's called "Cure For the Common Life" all about living in your "sweet spot" and doing what it is you love to do (hmmm...that rings a bell) I definitely suggest you give it a read through. Totally inspired I am on this crazy journey to landing a television series. But it will happen. ONWARD and UPWARD friends!

Lots and lots of love.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Just Taking A Little Inventory

So the past couple of mornings I've been going back and reading my journal that I've been keeping solidly for about the past 3 years (Joy always encouraged me to journal-she said it'll always be there so don't feel bad about not writing in it for awhile, just start again) so that's the advice I've taken and ran with it.

Anyway, the point is...I realized...unfortunately I wasn't happy for a very long time. Well, overall, I was happy I suppose, and maybe I was only unhappy when I wrote in my journal...but there aren't the happiest of themes going on in there. There were parts- i.e. my time in Chile, my sister and friend's weddings, Obama's election, etc, that stood out as amazing times but...generally speaking I think I was merely surviving and existing day to day. UNTIL two summers ago when I came to visit NYC...and everyone knows how well that went.

Not to say that life is peachy-keen right now (cuz we know it's not) but even with all the bad stuff that's happened, and the bad days that I have...I know I'm not just surviving and existing...I'm living, like really living my life the way I want-the way that makes me happy. And with that comes happier entries and a happier existence. Of course I get sad, stressed out, scared, etc, etc, etc but I've noticed that it only lasts for a moment. I give love, I have love in my life. And to be honest. This world is full of really nice and giving people and I keep meeting them ALL!!

For real tho...there is a new printer/copier/scanner/fax machine in my apartment AND a ticket to see Kevin Hart in April on my refrigerator and they were both GIFTS!!! AND!!! I've been taught how to edit videos using Final Cut Pro and guess what I got today? My own edition so I can use it on my computer AS. A. GIFT!!!

So what am I saying? I'm really trying not to brag because it has absolutely NOTHING to do with me and EVERYTHING to do with the goodness of God and the goodness of people. I sincerely trust and believe that everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, then it's not the end.

I'm saying...when you're happy (and I finally am-because I've decided to be) that things will continue to happen to bring happiness to you. At least that's what's happening in my life. You can't continue to be in situations, relationships, jobs, cities, etc that are making you miserable...honestly ask yourself...don't you deserve better? Don't you deserve to be happy? It's your life...and it's a short long until you decided that you're worth it? It honestly took me about two and a half years. But I got here...and I still have a ways to go. And yes...sometimes it's hard to believe that everything is gonna be ok when I'm bawling my eyes and my stomach is twisting into unbelievable shapes. But after that moment passes, the tears stop, I have a popsicle, and someone talks me down off the ledge, I realize that I'm doing what I love. I have people in my life that love me and support me. I'm healthy. And really, it's not that bad.

I really don't know why I'm on a soap box tonight but I am. I'm just really grateful today. Thankful for the gifts, thankful for love, and thankful I paid my rent :) Anything else just really ain't that bad!

So...check out this video that I had help making by the oh-so-fabulous Emiliano Styles over at

AND!! It's finally here!!! The website you've been waiting for! MINE!!! It's finally finished and ready for you to send me a message!!! it was designed by my friend Jocelyn Leveille over at

All for now...remember to live! "The value in your life comes from your desire to live it in your own special way."