Saturday, August 13, 2011

Maybe You'll Settle But I Won't

So what's new you ask..THIS

We've officially reached our $20,000 goal but we can always use another donation! I told you guys about the first feature I've been cast in and we just had our first table read this past week...this film is gonna be SO MUCH FUN!! Like for's hilarious. I wanna tell you all about it. But I won't, you have to wait :)

ALSO...worked an event for Victoria's Secret and look who I met:

ADRIANA LIMA! She's beautiful inside and out. So apparently I hang with supermodels now #cool...

Also, also, also check this new teaser trailer out for a show I'm on:

Hate to sound cocky...but my team is WAY better than the other :) Team A ALL DAY!!

And my lovely and fantastic friends have started a new movement...Meant 2B Famous...check out their site HERE They used my lovely face to rock some of their style and jewelry pieces...can't wait to see what they have up next. They're all about chasing your dreams and going for what you know to be true in your heart...girls after my own heart. I really love what they stand for and the brand they're building. #dreamchasers indeed. You can check out their BLOG (left everything in the south...came to NY to pursue their careers...we were meant to become friends)

Here are some behind the scenes photos:

See the sign? It says No Parking....that means I gotta keep it moving...moving forward that is.

And guess what else...I snuck home for a few days and it was awesome! We had our family reunion and it was so nice to see all my family and loved ones in the same place at the exact same time. I won't post too many pix and videos, cuz they'd have a fit...but they are All That and I love them dearly.

Of course we did the "Cupid Shuffle"

Of course if you know me at all you know that I can't go anywhere and just relax so of course I wanted to make the most of my 48 hours at home and scheduled a meeting with an agency down there....and guess what. My entire family sat in the car and waited for me until I finished. I couldn't believe was like a dream come true. It was everything I've ever wanted in that moment. They all sat in the hot sun in a car as I went chasing after my dream and once it was over I walked outside and they were all there asking me what happened, how'd it go and it was just incredible. I felt so loved and at the same time felt like I didnt' have to abandon my dream and what I want to make everyone else happy. When you're doing what you're put on this earth to do and have to love and support of some pretty amazing family and friends...there's no way you can lose. And walking out that door that day, I felt like I was winning all over the place.

THEN...after that amazing weekend I spent time in North Carolina for the National Black Theater Festival...which is pretty doggone awesome if you ask me. It was great to see the black theater community come together and support one another in one place...if felt like a giant family reunion that I was being inducted into. It's a tad different from ABFF (I mean Miami compared to Winston-Salem) but it was really cool. A little surreal that I walked past Mr. Gaines and Julisa from "A Different World" (one of my most favorite shows) and I saw an incredible show "Knock Me a Kiss" and watched in awe as Lillias White performed. I'm glad I went and even more glad that I met two new great friends that picked me up when I was down...literally. I even got to participate in a couple readings...that went really well...even got this review from one of the playwrights, "I somehow mislaid contact info for cast members but found Lenore Coer's card, I'm copying her on this because she was amazing, either had familiarized herself with the script or is just a genius performer but she threw down an eerily dead-on manifestation of how I'd imaged the character Parthena, from the first words of dialogue she spoke." That was really nice to hear feedback from him :)

And...NBTF made me face my fear and audition in front of a room full of industry professionals in their showcase! Talk about shaking!! I was soooo nervous before I went in but so proud of myself after I did it. Nobody said #dreamchasing was easy. I made some great contacts and now I have to follow up.

All for now...last thought. Christ died so I could live. I think he'd be pretty upset if after all his work, i.e going all the way to the cross, I lived a mediocre life.