Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 is MINE!!! (and Yours)

Auuuggghh!! Forgive me...the end of the year came so suddenly and I didn't get a chance to do a post for December. And I much has happened.

1. I work A LOT. Not in my acting profession as much as I'd like..but in the two jobs that I currently have (thank God for funds to do what I need to...but my tv series role is coming soon)

2. I mean...seriously, it was the holidays. Who wants to read, let alone write, a post? I mean...we missed Thanksgiving AND Christmas AND New Years!

3. I didn't feel inspired to share anything. Felt like I was in a rut.

Well, baby...let me tell you!! So much has changed! For instance, my physical address.

I, along with fantastic help from BR, moved to a brownstone in BedStuy. Before you get all nervous. Yes, I'm safe and my street is extremely well lit. AND I'm two blocks away from my friends over at hit them up if you don't hear from me in awhile.

So I don't have many pictures to share this post. I mean, I have some of food (Thanksgiving, New Years) that we cooked but who honestly wants to see that? You'd be jealous...don't forget I'm southern :)

But 2012 will be big...I mean HUGE. It has to be. It's my 3rd year in the city and 3rd year proving myself in this industry. Someone told me when I first got here that most actors quit within the first 3 years. If you last that long, you've already beat out a lot of your competition. So hear I am. Still acting and loving what I'm doing. Still writing "Spikes". Still waiting on my baby niece to make her grand appearance soon.

Things I'm responsible for in 2012:
1. Getting back to acting school. It's time.
2. Visiting LA, I keep saying it and still haven't done it.
3. Take new head shots. I have bangs now and haven't had new ones done. I think it's time.
4. Doing a better job seeing my friends.

Things I'm believing God for in 2012:
1. More auditions: commercial and tv (I'd like film too but those are my goals)
2. My role on a television series.
3. A great mentor.
4. Spikes to end up on a network.

That's all I have for now. I'm happy, everyone in my life is healthy and doing well. 2011 was kind to me. There were tears, there was laughter and there was acting. I really can't complain.

So my latest project is a show I'm really excited about! It's right in time for Valentine's Day...who couldn't use a sweetheart?

Click on the photo for more information.

If you recall we did this show in DC at the DC Black Theater Festival and they're bringing it back once more in NYC...there are so many twists and turns this time and I play a COMPLETELY different character! I'm really excited about working with them again. 6 shows in two days is going to be a lot but we can do it and I hope you join's a really great cast.

Also...because we love you. Purchase one (1) or more General Admission ticket(s) ONLINE by January 15th and get 20% off the ticket price. Use promo code NEWYEAR.
Offer Expires: January 15, 2012.

After each show I'd love to see each of my sweethearts and give you a big hug. Order tickets HERE: Use Promocode: LENORE so I know you're there for me :)

I love you all, thanks for thinking enough about me to check out my blog...sorry to keep you waiting so long! Hope to see you soon and all your dreams come true :)

Happy New Year from your #dreamchaser,

"My citizenship is in heaven. I call on those things that are not as though they were."